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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez accuses ‘miserable’ star of keeping his two sons away from him for Thanksgiving

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez accuses ‘miserable’ star of keeping his two sons away from him for Thanksgiving

KAILYN Lowry’s ex has slammed the star in an expletive-ridden video rant.

Chris Lopez didn’t hold back as he accused the Teen Mom alum of keeping his kids away from him.

Kailyn Lowry was accused of keeping her sons away from their dad Chris Lopez on ‘his week’ over ThanksgivingInstagram/Kailyn Lowry

Chris claimed that Kailyn was ‘miserable’ and suggested she relied on nannies for his sons Lux and CreedInstagram

On his Instagram Stories, Chris threw accusations at Kailyn, 31, regarding his two sons Lux, 6, and Creed, 3.

Alongside the two shared with Chris, Kailyn is mom to Isaac, 13, shared with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, 9, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn also welcomed a baby, Rio, born in November 2022, and twins born this month, with her boyfriend Elijah Scott, 25.

In his new video, Chris sat in his car and ranted about the number of children MTV star Kailyn has, alongside claiming that she wouldn’t allow him to take his boys for Thanksgiving despite it being “his week.”

With Kailyn tagged to make sure she saw the video, Chris slammed: “Bruh, ain’t nobody more miserable than my baby mama, bro. My first baby mama, Kail Lowry. Ain’t nobody more miserable than that chick.

“How you got motherf**king seven kids? You got three f**king kids under the age of one and yet you want to keep hold of my motherf**king kids, you wanna keep passing them on to motherf**king nannies and sh*t like that.”

He continued: “You miserable as hell, bro, you just want to make everybody else f**king miserable, ’cause I be on your *ss, f**k is you talking about? You lame as sh*t, kids is on Thanksgiving break and you don’t even let the kids be with be with their dad. But it’s technically dad’s week.”

Ending the rant, he spat out: “You need to grow the f**k up, seriously. And stay the f**k off your back.”


Earlier this month, Chris again took aim at Kailyn for having four baby daddies when he suggested that he wasn’t valued by his sons due to the number of men in their lives.

In the video, reposted by a Teen Mom fan account, Chris confessed: “I was having one of the hardest times recently. Just like I said one of my weakest moments was just recently because I’m struggling with my son.

“My oldest son, it’s been a struggle with him and I even expressed this concern to his mama and of course they don’t see it that way and I don’t have no shame in sharing that.

He went on: “I felt like my son didn’t – or doesn’t – appreciate me. You know what I’m saying? I felt like, as a dad I’ve been for six years going hard for my kids and s**t like that. My oldest son don’t appreciate me. It just feels like that.

“And why I said that and why I feel like he feels like I’m replaceable is because of all the men in and out of his life and that’s a fact. That’s not no something I’m just making up on my a**. People have noticed that, I’ve noticed that and you say that s**t.”


Beyond Chris’ accusations, he and Kailyn have been engulfed in serious legal complaints.

Last year, The U.S. Sun revealed that Kailyn accused Chris of “trying to kill her” and slammed him as “abusive” in her explosive court deposition.

At the time, Kailyn was suing fellow MTV star Briana DeJesus for defamation after the latter claimed the podcaster “physically beat” Chris.

Briana claimed in her deposition that Chris told her Kailyn broke into his mother’s home and physically assaulted him over their oldest son’s haircut. 

Kailyn was arrested for offensive touching in September 2020, but the charge was later dropped. 

In Kailyn’s February 17 court deposition obtained by The U.S. Sun, she told Briana’s lawyer: “A lot of what comes out of Chris’ mouth is untrue.”

She claimed he lied to police about the alleged attack because “we had a very tumultuous relationship.”

The reality TV star explained how she had a Protection From Abuse order against Chris at the time of the incident. 

When asked why she had a PFA against Chris, she responded: “Chris almost killed me in October of 2019.”

Kailyn Lowry/InstagramKailyn now has seven children with four fathers, and Chris told her to ‘stay off her back’ in the furious video[/caption]

Instagram/Kailyn LowryThe dad previously suggested that his closeness to his sons was lessened due to ‘all of the men’ in their lives[/caption]

MTVIn court last year, Kailyn alleged that Chris ‘tried to kill her’ in response to a claim that she physically assaulted him[/caption]

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