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Today show fans are in ‘love’ after spotting ‘inspiring’ detail in Al Roker’s new video from treadmill run

Today show fans are in ‘love’ after spotting ‘inspiring’ detail in Al Roker’s new video from treadmill run

TODAY’S Al Roker has had fans begging for his help after spotting an inspiring detail in his new video.

The daytime show weatherman shared a positive motivational message while working out.

TikTok/alrokerAl Roker shared some words of encouragement while working out[/caption]

TikTok/alrokerFans went wild over his inspirational shirt[/caption]

Al often shares videos of his morning workout routine.

Earlier this week, the 69-year-old posted one while he jammed on the treadmill to the Al Jarreau song Boogie Down.

As Al walked in place, he talked up the same-named music man.

“Al could do it all- jazz, scat, rhythm and blues,” the anchor said, before referring to the current playlist. “I love this one. A little boogie down.”

After he finished boogying down, the Today Show weatherman pumped up his fans with some words of advice.

“Get out there, get your steps,” Al encouraged. “Maybe park a little further away from your office door. Take the long end of the subway. Walk back to work.

“Whatever you do, you get it done today and you enjoy it.”

But the real fan enjoyment came from Al’s workout attire, including a shirt with a special message of love and compassion.

Written on his shirt was the mantra: “Love over hate. Lover over indifference. Love over ignorance. Love over ego. Love over barriers. Love over borders. Love over and over and over again.”

Fans went wild for the heartfelt message in the comments section.

“Love the message on your t-shirt!” one person exclaimed, as another called it: “So inspirational.”

A third begged: “I love your shirt – would definitely like one just like it.”

While one fan gushed: “Love your positivity and energy. You’re Very inspirational..especially for all you’ve been through with your health..truly motivational.”


Al has been spreading his joyful words of wisdom throughout the week.

On another day, he cryptically admitted that he can’t take care of others if he’s not taking care of himself.

Again, the meteorologist made the admission while on the treadmill.

He captioned the post: “It’s a #wonderfulwednesday so let’s get up and get out. And to my @starttoday_ family, #herewego.”

The song Mighty Love by The Spinners played in the background as Al walked.

“A Mighty Love. That’s right the Spinners, ladies and gentlemen,” Al said.

“Do you know what a Mighty Love is? It’s when you love yourself enough to take care of yourself.”

Al went on: “So, you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.”

“And have a Mighty Love,” Al sang. “Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty
Mighty, mighty love Jones, is coming down on you, baby.

“So you make it a wonderful Wednesday. Give yourself a little Mighty Love.”

“Get your work in and then get out and go to work. Take care, everybody,” he ended the video.

Al had his workout clothes on, including a Chicago polar bear plunge shirt, before changing for work.


Al is walking with a purpose after it was revealed that he is returning as a host of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

In 2022, Al previously missed his first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in nearly 30 years.

Dylan Dreyer stepped in at the time to take his place.

Dylan was joined by anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

Al was unable to attend due to the multiple medical problems he had been experiencing at the time.

In addition to blood clots in his lungs, Al also needed a knee replacement.

It was a scary time for the weatherman, but he made time to cheer on the parade and paradegoers at home the past holiday season.

Al gave the away team a thumbs-up in an Instagram post at the time.

Now that he’s returning, he’ll be in good company.

There are a variety of floats and balloons on display this year.

TikTok/alrokerAl rocked out to some Al Jarreau[/caption]

Instagram/alrokerHe shared more motivating words earlier in the week[/caption]

Getty ImagesAl revealed he is returning to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade[/caption]

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