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Bianca Censori fans ‘terrified’ for star after Kanye West’s wife flees to Australia as they ‘hope she’s getting support’

Bianca Censori fans ‘terrified’ for star after Kanye West’s wife flees to Australia as they ‘hope she’s getting support’

BIANCA Censori has left Kanye and the United States to visit friends in Australia, and fans hope she’s getting a fresh perspective.

The 28-year-old headed back home to Australia earlier this month to see some of her oldest friends.

The Mega AgencyBianca Censori took a long trip home to see friends in Australia[/caption]

GettyA source said the trip has given her a new perspective away from Kanye West[/caption]

She previously accused her pals of being jealous of her new fame as her friends worried about her relationship with Kanye, 46.

According to DailyMail, the recent trip to Australia has given Bianca “an outside perspective.”

The source said: “Everyone is just glad that they finally were able to get through to Bianca.

“Her friends let her know exactly how they felt and they told her that she needs to wake the f**k up.”

The source continued: “She knows that she has shut out those close to her and she is also starting to see through the smoky mirrors of her marriage.

“She is aware of Kanye’s controlling ways and she is starting to see things from an outside perspective.”


Fans on a Kardashian forum on Reddit shared their thoughts about Bianca’s time away from the rapper.

One said: “Well.. she’s not being groomed per se but she absolutely is being abused and in an awful relationship/power dynamic. good to see her separate.”

Another said: “I hope she is getting the support she needs.”

A third said: “Every time I see a photo of her I think she looks like she’s being abused. Hope she keeps away from him.”

Someone said: “I’m so happy to hear this. their relationship freaked me out. I’m glad that she’s free from him. there’s no doubt in my mind that man is not well.”

A fifth said: “I never thought he was abusing her. I thought she was going along with all of it for the simple reason that her family is the mob and very well-connected. I was wrong and I hope she’s safe.”


There has been rising concern about Kanye being controlling, and that was confirmed by a few sources who shared the strict rules Bianca was supposedly following.

A source previously told Daily Mail that Kanye was manipulating his wife into a radicalized version of his ex, Kim Kardashian, 43.

The source said that Bianca, who has worked for the musician since 2020, only obeys and has no mind of her own anymore.

They revealed: “Kanye has a set of rules for Bianca, which includes never speaking and wearing what he wants her to wear.

“She is also required to eat certain food items and to work out even though Kanye doesn’t work out.

“She has no mind of her own anymore and obeys him because he has convinced her that they are royal.”

It was also said that Kanye had a secret design team in Italy, which created the practically nude outfits Bianca was seen wearing all summer.

GettyThe source also said that her friends were able to show that her husband is ‘controlling’[/caption]

Yeezy Mafia/Instagram/@angelinacensoriFans online are hopeful that Bianca is safe and getting support in Australia[/caption]

The Mega AgencyIt’s believed that Kanye is trying to turn Bianca into his ex Kim Kardashian[/caption]

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