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Live’s Kelly Ripa asks ‘are you OK?’ before making Mark Consuelos feel worse after suffering embarrassing on-air blunder

Live’s Kelly Ripa asks ‘are you OK?’ before making Mark Consuelos feel worse after suffering embarrassing on-air blunder

LIVE’s Kelly Ripa has asked husband Mark if he was ‘OK’ during a recent episode after he made an on-air blunder.

Mark seemingly forgot the name of the hockey player he was thinking of.

Live’s Kelly Ripa has asked husband and co-host Mark Consuelos if he is ‘OK’ on airABC

Mark couldn’t remember the name of the hockey player he had in mind for the segmentABC

Early on in the episode, Kelly and Mark went through some of the day’s topics.

Mark announced: “Very exciting news for Patrick Lundqvist.”

An unsure Kelly replied: “Okay…?”

Mark had not given the correct name.

He was referring to the Swedish former professional ice hockey goaltender Henrick Lundqvist.

Mark seemed to realize his mistake and corrected himself: “Henrik Lundqvist?”

He added: “Who’s Patrick?”

Kelly seemed slightly concerned, asking her husband: “Are you okay?”

Mark chuckled but answered: “No, I’m not okay.”

His exasperated wife continued: “He’s been on this show! You’ve spoken to him!”

Mark quipped: “He’s very handsome, too.”

He continued on with the segment to announce the hockey player’s induction to the Hockey Hall of Fame.


Recently, Kelly asked the Live with Kelly and Mark crowd a question: what got into them?

The crowd was extremely loud when both hosts came into the room.

“And now, here are Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos,” the show’s announcer, Deja Vu, said to start off the show.

Kelly, 53, and Mark, 52, walked out arm in arm and waved to the audience members.

Mark could be heard saying “Oh my God!” as he looked out at the audience.

The entire audience was on their feet and cheering loudly for the Live hosts.

The crowd continued to stand, as Kelly and Mark sat down.

Mark looked around the room and saw everyone standing up.

“Welcome to the show everybody. It’s November 13, 2023. Welcome!” Kelly said, rolling up her sleeves.

“Wild bunch today,” Mark said to his wife.

“They are wild. What got into y’all?” Kelly asked.

The crowd laughed and continued to cheer as Mark got into the first topic of the day.


During the same show, Kelly called out critics online who judge her eating habits.

The hosts discussed movies being longer and how some theaters are thinking of implementing intermissions.

“Hollywood is now calling for intermissions at theaters,” Kelly informed the crowd.

This led her to say that you have to buy more snacks now for the second part of the movie.

“What’s your favorite snack?” Mark asked Kelly.

“I love Dots and buttered popcorn,” she admitted.

“And I don’t want to hear it.”

Kelly put her hands up as she repeated the phrase once again, which caused Mark and the audience to laugh.

“I don’t want to hear about how I’m supposed to put, what are the chocolate covered peanuts called?” Kelly turned to her husband to ask.

“Goobers,” a crew member told her.

“I don’t want to hear about how I should put the Goobers and the Raisinets in the popcorn and mix them together.”

“Oooo,” Mark said, sounding intrigued by the combination.

“I like what I like, ok?” Kelly said.

“I like my buttered popcorn separate and my box of Dots separate.”

“I don’t want to hear it,” she said.

“Noted,” Mark responded.

“Because I’m going to get at’d all day on Instagram. ‘You should really try.’ Shh. Shh,” Kelly blasted.

“You put your Goobers in your popcorn and God speed.”

“These are my snacks,” Kelly said. “My snacks aren’t about your preference.”

“Ok? Thank you,” she nodded before sitting back.

Kelly finished by saying that she was tired of people telling her what to eat.


Monday’s show wasn’t the only time Kelly called out the Live audience for their reaction.

Last Friday, the host called the crowd “lusty.”

Like every other show, Kelly and Mark played the game Stump Mark.

After talking about topics of the day, the hosts pivoted to the daily game.

“Aright. You all know what time it is, right?” Kelly asked the crowd.

“It’s time to play…”

“Stump Mark!” the audience replied.

“I like it,” Mark told his wife.

As the logo for the game was shown on the screen, Kelly and Mark discussed the response.

“Lusty,” Kelly said. “A lusty Stump Mark.”

“Yes!” she shouted.

Mark turned to the screen to go on with the game.

Mark jokingly said that he was not OK after he messed the name up on airABC

The crowd couldn’t stop laughing at the faux indignation Kelly displayedABC

It looked like Mark had just had a brain fart at the momentABC

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