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Jeopardy! contestant ‘rubs fans the wrong way’ with ‘braggy’ story about his resume before just $1 decides winner

JEOPARDY! contestant Fred Nelson has won Monday’s Champions Wildcard episode with a tremendous total of $40,801- and by just $1.

Not all fans were sold on his rather loud voice that matched a loud-and-proud anecdote during an otherwise thrilling victory.

Jeopardy!Fred revealed his resume features his previous Jeopardy! win in ’18-point bold font’[/caption]

Jeopardy!Ken Jennings – hosting Champions Wildcard until December 18 for past players- replied: ‘I see’[/caption]

Jeopardy!’s new-to-Season-40 Champions Wildcard tournament for familiar faces who were brief winners from Season 37 or Season 38 raged on.

The university professor from Fresno, California, faced Stuart Crane, a project line manager from Kalispell, Montana, and Emily Fiasco, a middle school band director from Saint Louis, Missouri.

During the interview segment, Fred told host Ken, 49, that he put his prior 1-day victory prominently on his resume.

“I was trying to decide how I could best incorporate my Jeopardy! win into my email signature line and my CV.”

“Normally, you know, you would put my latest publication or my latest grant or something like that.

“But I just decided to go with it in large 18-point bold font.”

He explained his resume now includes: “Jeopardy! champion Season 37, Episode 59.”

Ken asked if that was written “bigger” than any of his academic achievements.

Stuart replied: “Oh yes.” Ken concluded: “I see.”


One social media user harshly reacted: “Being in a college class taught by Fred must be a special kind of hell. He seemed to like the sound of his own voice and also thinks he is pretty smart.”

Another fan shamelessly agreed: “Something about him rubs me the wrong way. 

A third viewer defended: “That’s [how professors are in] most college classes, even my art-related classes were like that.”

A fourth fan wrote on X that the player was also a little loud for their liking: “Why is Fred shouting? #jeopardy”

A fifth fan wrote: “Why is he yelling? #jeopardy”

A sixth person harshly wrote: “18 point font, huh? Is ‘#Jeopardy champion’ in ALL CAPS, Fred?”

And a seventh crowned poor Fred: “Fred the font yeller #Jeopardy.”


Going into Double Jeopardy, Emily had $3,800, Stuart had $6,200, and Fred had $6,000.

Fred was correct on the second Daily Double wagering $5000 “or points,” he joked, to which Ken told him it was dollars.

Stuart, however, found the third Daily Double, and he reluctantly went all in with $10,200; he was correct, making it a high-scoring and close game.

Going into Final Jeopardy!, Emily had $11,000, Stuart had $20,400, and Fred had $23,000. 

The clue under “ICONIC BRANDS” read: “In 1916 it began packaging its flagship product in a variety of glass called Georgia green.”

Everyone was correct on the surprisingly easy clue for “Coca-Cola.”

In the 1910s, the iconic soda brand held a national contest to have its bottle redesigned, thus the distinctive color was born, later coined as an homage to its Atlanta headquarters.

Emily bet only $4347 giving her $15,347, while Stuart went all-in to have a massive $40,800.

However, Fred added $17,801, capping off the game by just $1 for a well-earned win, advancing to the special’s next round.

“By a buck!” Ken exclaimed: “You are going to the semi-finals.”

Fans were wowed as another person posted in a Reddit thread: “That sure was a battle among the two men! I thought Emily was funny, though.”

“BY 1 DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!” wrote another.

Others were disappointed that Emily, a three-day champion from the tail end of Season 38 who won $87K and the bragging rights of being a 2022 Tournament of Champions alternate, didn’t pull through.

Each of the four Champions Wildcard winners gets $100,000 and a ticket to the next ToC.

Jeopardy!Final Jeopardy! was correctly responded to by all three players[/caption]

Jeopardy!By just $1 Fred bottled up any haters, he’ll proceed to the tournament’s semifinals[/caption]

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