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Anne Hathaway, 41, rocks just a sheer bra under baggy leather jacket in bold new look for Porter magazine

Anne Hathaway, 41, rocks just a sheer bra under baggy leather jacket in bold new look for Porter magazine

ACTRESS Anne Hathaway sported an edgy yet sexy look for a shoot with Porter Magazine.

Hathaway, 41, wore a stylish and bold outfit consisting of a baggy leather jacket and jeans with just a shear bra underneath for the cover look.

InstagramHathaway embraced a very bold look in her shoot with Porter[/caption]

InstagramThe actress has been reinventing her style lately to be more courageous and fun-looking[/caption]

InstagramHathaway dove into some of the struggles she faced during her career in an interview with the magazine as well[/caption]

The actress was interviewed by Porter and went into detail about her decades-long career and some doubts she faced along the way.

Hathaway relinquished the pressure she felt during her career to always get things right.

“I feel like I lived in a space for a really long time where I was so afraid of doing it wrong and so tightly connected to the idea of doing it right,” Hathaway told Porter on Monday.

However, she then explained that there is no reason to have these worries because either way it does not make a difference in the long run.

Hathaway encourages others to embrace themselves in their career along with what makes them feel good overall.

“It makes not a damn bit of difference if you do it right or wrong. The point is, are you having a good time? Do you feel like yourself? And is it working with you?” she said.

“There’s so much to be proud of and there’s so much to fix.’”

Another struggle that Hathaway has run into on her journey of a long-lived career is being told that she would no longer be wanted in the industry after she reached age 35.

“When I started out (in this industry) as a child, I was warned that my career would fall off a cliff at the age of 35, which is something I know a lot of women face,” Hathaway told Porter.

But she ensured others should not fall for this negativity because there are plenty of successful women keeping a steady career no matter their age.

“The thing that has evolved during (that time) is that more women are having careers deeper into their lives, which I think is fantastic,” she said.


The bold look with Porter comes as fans have dubbed Hathaway’s new style the “Hathaissance.”

The Hathaissance is a term used to describe her daring style choices lately.

It also highlights a refreshing and exciting evolution in her style overall.

Hathaway is breaking out of her traditional fashion norms and embracing a whole new look.

GettyAt the peak of Hathaway’s career in her 20s, she had a more modest style[/caption]

GettyHathaway’s old style was considered traditional compared to the Hathaissance switch-up[/caption]

GettyNow, Hathaway also embraces more mature and elegant looks[/caption]

GettyHathaway reinvented her style and looks amazing doing so[/caption]

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