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Kim Kardashian’s fans just realized she imitates vintage magazine with racy new Skims ad

Kim Kardashian’s fans just realized she imitates vintage magazine with racy new Skims ad

KIM Kardashian has paid tribute to a famous French magazine with her latest sensual photo shoot.

The Kardashians star recreated an iconic pose to promote her own Skims holiday collection.

Nadia Lee CohenKim Kardashian paid tribute to a famous French magazine cover[/caption]

LuiThe original issue of Lui was first published in 1966[/caption]

Kim went topless under just a pair of ice skates in a photo for the new campaign.

The 43-year-old posed in blond hair and heavy blue eyeshadow, while wearing a tiny pair of shorts.

Wrapped around her neck, and dangling down over her breasts, were a pair of strategically placed white ice skates, complete with furry tops.

The image was an admitted homage to a cover of French magazine Lui from 1966, featuring a model in a similar pose.

Designer Raissa Pardini said the design of Kim’s catalogue was meant to echo Lui – right down to the lettering.

“For this campaign, we got inspired by the iconic lui magazine type.” Raissa shared on her Instagram. “There are a lot of small details around for type lovers, hope you enjoy.”

However, some fans felt the photo was too much of an imitation, and flooded an online chat room with calls for some fresh ideas.

“I understand taking inspiration, especially for such specific aesthetics,” one person remarked. “I’m just not sure why things have to be so heavily referenced all the time, down to the T. With no twist or originality to it.”

Another echoed: “I do wish that Kim would at least try to reimagine the inspiration a bit. She just copies inch for inch.”

Still, others seemed confused by any controversy.

“I don’t see the problem, aesthetics and visuals get replicated all the time,” one person said. “Both look great.”

A second wondered: “Did…people not get that this was a stylistic reference?”


The new ad comes as Kim has been slammed for another change in her appearance – her unkempt hair at a recent Los Angeles gala.

Kim showed up at the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala on Saturday in a skintight dress that fit snugly on her frame.

But it was the 43-year-old’s hair that seemed to garner the most attention.

The Hulu personality styled her long, dark hair to appear practically damp.

In an online chat room, fans derided the ‘do as: “Wet, stringy, damaged and greasy hair hanging down all over her face.”

“Idk why the Kardys are pushing the wet hair look so hard, because it looks absolutely dreadful, and really isn’t something a non-celebrity could wear for a nice occasion or daily wear,” one person lamented. “It’s not a flattering look to me, it makes hair look oily and straggly.”

Another wondered: Why long, wet look for a black and white full coverage dress?

“Her hair is super lost in translation and it ruins the look because why does it gotta look like a vest of gross hair fussed to her scalp?”

While a third simply asked: “Why am I seeing Snape from Harry Potter?!”


The rest of the outfit drew muted approval from fans.

Kim was photographed on the blue carpet at the event, donning a black floral-print floor-length dress that covered her feet but highlighted her curvy hips and chest.

Beneath the reality star’s long-sleeve mock-neck gown she wore a nude-colored dress that kept her bare skin from showing through the sheer lace.

She also had a black leather belt tied around her waist, accentuating just how tiny and thin she’s gotten.

In the same chat room, fans actually praised the model.

“Finally some kind of decent dress,” one person shared.

Another added on: “She doesn’t look bad, this is the first look she’s had I haven’t ‘ughed’ at in a while!”

While one fan felt: “This dress looks like something that Goth era Kourtney would wear. This actually is not a bad fit and look for her, just seems out of character.”

Nadia Lee CohenKim covered her breasts with a pair of ice skates[/caption]

Nadia Lee CohenOther pictures were updated poses from the same magazine[/caption]

Fans were not fond of Kim’s wet hair

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