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Sister Wives stars Meri and Kody Brown’s child Leon smiles in rare selfie after disappearing from reality show

Sister Wives stars Meri and Kody Brown’s child Leon smiles in rare selfie after disappearing from reality show

SISTER Wives stars Meri and Kody Brown’s child Leon has graced their followers with a smile in a recent social media post.

Leon broke their hiatus from social media with a selfie of themself hanging out with friends.

Instagram/leointhemountainsSister Wives star Leon Brown released a new selfie on their Instagram Stories[/caption]

Instagram/leointhemountainsLeon’s photo captured them hanging out with their friends[/caption]

The 28-year-old internet personality shared a photo of themself and their buddies coming back from a coffee run on Instagram.

Leon was out front as their two other friends were behind them.

The Sister Wives star looked stylish, wearing a short-sleeved button-down shirt that they didn’t fully close, a silver chain, and black sunglasses.

Leon gave a big grin, showing all 32 of their white teeth.

The TV personality hasn’t been sharing much on their Instagram account since October.

Earlier this month, Leon revealed a scary new career move after they disappeared from their family’s TLC reality show.

They announced that they recently performed in front of a live audience at an open mic night.

“I did a big & scary thing tonight & I’m so proud of myself for being brave & my inner child is so grateful,” Leon wrote on Instagram on November 2.

They continued: “Open mic night is the best night. Thanks for sharing your hearts and words with us.”

Leon was previously known as Mariah.


Leon came out as transgender in a social media post in 2022.

They are the only child of Sister Wives star Meri, 52, and her former polygamist husband, Kody, 54.

The family has 18 children in total.

Leon was an active part of the family’s TLC reality show when it first premiered in 2010.

They have since stepped away from the show.

They haven’t been shown in any of the Season 18 episodes, which premiered in August 2023.

Sister Wives’ Season 18 has focused on Kody’s spiraling marriages.

Three of Kody’s wives have left him.


Kody is down to one wife – his only legal wife, Robyn Brown.

He divorced Leon’s mom, Meri, in 2014, so he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her three children from a previous marriage, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna.

Meri has since left her polygamist husband.

The details surrounding her decision to leave Kody have been revealed in Season 18, which is currently airing.

Kody’s third wife, Christine, 51, announced that she was leaving the polygamist in 2021. She has since remarried David Woolley, 59, and moved back to Utah.

Kody’s second wife, Janelle, 54, announced that she was also leaving the marriage behind in 2022.

While Leon’s family drama has continued to play out on the family’s TLC show, they have made it clear that they want no part of the drama by staying absent.

A source has revealed to The U.S. Sun that Leon’s endured a rough relationship with dad Kody in recent months.

“Kody has not supported Leon’s transition,” the source dished.

“Kody is telling close friends, ‘This is a new person. I don’t know who this person is, but this is not the little girl that I raised.’

“They don’t have a relationship anymore, and because of it, it has affected his relationship with Meri, 100 percent,” they continued.

Contrarily, Leon’s mother, Meri, has stood by their side and supported them fully.

instagram/leointhemountainsLeon hasn’t shared much on their social media account since October[/caption]

Instagram/The Real Meri BrownLeon- here with mom Meri Brown- announced on social media in 2022 that they were transgender[/caption]

TLCLeon’s father, Kody Brown, does not support their transition[/caption]

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