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The View fans think Alyssa Farah Griffin is pregnant after spotting new ‘clues’ and Whoopi Goldberg’s suspicions

The View fans think Alyssa Farah Griffin is pregnant after spotting new ‘clues’ and Whoopi Goldberg’s suspicions

THE VIEW fans have spotted clues that Alyssa Farah Griffin could be pregnant, while host Whoopi Goldberg remains suspicious.

Alyssa’s recent behavior and comments have led some to believe she could be hiding her pregnancy, or she isn’t ready to reveal it.

Fans believe The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin may be pregnantABC

Viewers have based this hypothesis on a few things Alyssa has done as of lateABC

For instance, fans believe one of Alyssa’s absences points to a potential pregnancy symptom.

She was absent during the previous show taping ahead of the weekend’s Friday episode.

“I didn’t get to be here yesterday, because I wasn’t feeling well,” Alyssa said early on in the most recent episode of the show, not explaining any further.

The absence was quick and unplanned, leading fans to speculate why Alyssa would suddenly need a day off when she was feeling seemingly fine before.

Fans took to social media to question this fact, asking: “Is Alyssa pregnant?! #theview “wasn’t feeling well””

Additionally, during the same episode, the hosts discussed Kourtney Kardashian’s husband and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Travis did some drumming in the delivery room while his first child with Kourtney arrived.

Alyssa made a remark that included the phrase “when my husband’s in the delivery room.”

It seemed that she might have slipped up and said that, indicating that she could already be pregnant.

In addition to these clues, Whoopi Goldberg herself once sensed a “glow” about Alyssa that she had to ask about.

Though Whoopi asked Alyssa if she was pregnant, the 34-year-old denied it at the time.


The moment happened in mid-September, when moderator Whoopi dropped an unexpected question during a political-fueled discussion.

While the CNN political strategist gave her take on the matter, Whoopi suddenly interrupted and asked: “Are you pregnant?”

Alyssa seemed entirely off guard on camera at first.

She scolded the Sister Act star: “You can’t say that when my mother-in-law is here, who’s dying for me to get pregnant!”

Sunny then asked if the panel could take bets on the baby rumor.

Alyssa replied: “But we are not blessed to be pregnant yet. My husband and I are thinking about it.

“We’re working on it.”

Whoopi interrupted again: “Forgive me. I see…you have this glow.”

The 34-year-old promised she would take a pregnancy test when she arrived home just to be sure.

Sara suggested that Alyssa should name her future baby, Whoopi.

The moderator joked: “Don’t do that to the baby,” before moving on to the next segment.


Recently, The View hosts were shocked when Alyssa apparently shaded her husband Justin.

During a recent episode of The View, Alyssa confessed to becoming a nightmare in their marriage.

The awkward on-air confession came about when her co-hosts discussed equal partnerships and lack of communication in relationships.

Alyssa admitted: “I’m guilty of a tit-for-that relationship, where you start listing off everything you did that day to prove you were more busy than the other person.”

Sara burst out laughing as her co-star shouted: “That’s not healthy!”

Sunny looked at her castmate awkwardly as Alyssa continued: “I actually said to my husband: ‘Did you host a nationally televised show today?’

“My poor husband was like: ‘What?’ I’m a nightmare.”

Sunny could not stop cackling as she repeated: “She said: I’m a nightmare!”

This is not the first time Alyssa mentioned her hubby on the morning talk show. 

Alyssa ended up sick one day during The View and said she ‘wasn’t feeling well’ABC

When she returned, she made a mention of her husband being ‘in the delivery room’ABC

Previously, Whoopi also had her own suspicions that Alyssa could be pregnantABC

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