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Amy Robach’s daughter Ava shares never-before-seen pics of dad after GMA3 alum’s ‘affair’ with TJ Holmes

Amy Robach’s daughter Ava shares never-before-seen pics of dad after GMA3 alum’s ‘affair’ with TJ Holmes

AMY Robach’s daughter Ava has taken to her personal Instagram to share a series of new photos of her father Tim McIntosh.

Tim is Amy’s first husband, the ex before her previous partner Andrew Shue, who she married in 2010.

Amy Robach’s daughter Ava took to Instagram with a series of never-before-seen photos of her father Tim McIntosh.Instagram

Amy was married to Tim before her marriage to previous partner Andrew ShueInstagram

Ava wanted to wish her father a happy birthday with the photo post.

She posted a series of photos taken with Tim from when she was just a baby.

Amy was married to the former MLB player from 1996 to 2008.

The 21-year-old arranged the snapshots in chronological order as she got older in each one.

In one photo, Tim carried baby Ava in one arm as it looked like they explored the outdoors together.

In another, Tim held Ava close as she held a large rainbow lollipop.

With the third image, Ava posed with her hands clasped together by her father as the pair stood under a tree.

In the last image, the photos went back to when Ava was an infant, with mom Amy posing beside Tim, who held Ava in his arms.

There are very rarely photos of Tim shared by either Amy or Ava to social media.


Previously, Amy posed for a snap with her daughters Ava and Annalise.

The trio got together to celebrate Amy’s latest accomplishment.

The 50-year-old snapped the photo while standing in between between Ava, 21, and Annalise, 17.

She then shared the photo to Instagram for all her followers to see.

Amy rocked the medal she was awarded for finishing the 2023 New York City Marathon while the girls were dressed casually.

“Little post marathon celebration with my girls,” she wrote alongside the image.

Ousted GMA star TJ Holmes, also Amy’s boyfriend, ran with her in the grueling marathon.


There were plenty of photos of Amy and TJ taken together during the marathon, and the couple packed on some PDA after it was over.

In one image, Amy gave PDA some “post race clean up” in the form of a gentle face caress.

TJ also put his hands on Amy’s shoulders as the pair looked ecstatic to have finished the race.

In another photo, the pair stood side by side and looked triumphant together.

They were drenched in sweat from the New York City marathon, but still stayed close.

According to the New York Post, the pair finished their race time in four hours, 14 minutes, and 39 seconds,

Both looked like they were physically spent, but still happy.

Amy wore black leggings, a teal tank top, and a black quarter-zip up hoodie, along with white sneakers.

She paired the look with big brown sunglasses and had her hair up in a ponytail.

TJ raced in a black tank top and black leggings under black shorts.

He wore a pair of black sneakers to finish off the look.

Ava was nestled in her father’s arms and standing beside him in the photosInstagram

She wished Tim a happy birthday in the photo caption she posted to her Instagram StoriesInstagram

Amy and Tim divorced in 2008 before Amy went on to date Andrew ShueWise Owl for The US Sun

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