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Kylie Jenner critics spot her secret ‘padding’ to fix her ‘wonky’ hip in skintight blue bodysuit from Khy line

Kylie Jenner critics spot her secret ‘padding’ to fix her ‘wonky’ hip in skintight blue bodysuit from Khy line

KYLIE Jenner has got critics talking after they believed they spotted her adjusting supposed secret padding in her clothes.

The 26-year-old social media star posted an Instagram story promoting her new clothing range on Tuesday.

Instagram @kyliejennerKylie Jenner has got critics talking after they believed they spotted her adjusting supposed secret padding in her clothes[/caption]

nstagram/kyliejennerThe Kardashian star was promoting her new clothing line[/caption]

Kylie stood in a white photo studio with a clothing rail behind her full of puffer jackets.

The model stood in a tight blue catsuit that clung to her body and showed off her toned figure.

She wore simple makeup and her hair was pulled back into a bun on the back of her head.

Kylie held the coats to the camera and said: “They come in stone, and black.”

She tried the blue one on: “I’m gonna try our cropped puffer.”

The star put the coat on and fastened it up before taking it apart.

She continued: “I’m going to zip it up. So cute.”

The camera then cut before Kylie stood without the coat on and just her blue catsuit as she held her hips.

Kylie concluded: “Everything’s out on the 15th.”

Critics flooded to social media to share their thoughts.

A user created a thread on Reddit and named it: “Hip padding? On the lower side of the leg is where it’s looming off?”

They attached a photo of Kylie mid-way through trying on a coat and suggested that there was a dip on her thigh, under her hip.

Someone commented: “Hip padding for the wealthy/delusional = sculptra.”

Another said: “Why is there so much SURFACE AREA around her pelvis??? My brain can’t compute this s**t.”

A third commenter replied to this and said: “Someone pointed out, thigh gap and skinny after ozempic, but has long a** bbl, so the ratio is off.”

Someone said: “Why do these people think diaper butts are attractive with their small bodies.

“They have listened to their surgeons for so long they have diaper brain.”

Another added their thought: “I think it is her underwear. The leotard is stretched so tightly over her diaper it is showing.”


This was not the first time the Kardashian star was accused of wearing supposed padding underneath her outfits.

The Hulu star donned a skintight glittering gold gown to a Schiaparelli fashion show at the Italian Embassy early last month.

Kylie’s plunging dress cinched at her waist and flowed over her hips with a floor-length skirt.

However, fans noticed a faint indentation in Kylie’s hips under her dress in videos of the star arriving at the show.

The indentation appeared to grow larger when she sat down in the front row of the show.

Critics speculated that this was evidence that the mother of two had used extra padding around her hips to emphasize her curves.

One shared screengrabs of the photos on Reddit and wrote: “Pays tons of money to perfect her body but still wears padding to make her hips look massive.”

Another added: “Girl noooooooo. I wanna cry. This is worse than the pushup+cutlet+sock combo.”

A third posted: “OOPS! Girl, your hip pads are showin’! I’m cringing hard.”

Yet another user commented: “Omg it looks damn ridiculous and all the comments are like, ‘Wow, she looks insane her body is incredible…’

“Kylie doesn’t even look like this after all that surgery she’s also using padding – was the lipo and BBL not enough?”

Other fans claimed the indentations were simply the effect of her dress’ built-in corset cutting into her hips.

One insisted: “I feel like she has an extremely tight corset underneath and her ridiculously big hips are spilling out because it’s so tight.”

Another agreed: “I think it might be her super tight shapewear/bodysuit cutting into her ‘hips.’”

nstagram/kyliejennerThe model took to Instagram to post the video[/caption]

nstagram/kyliejennerFans speculated she might be wearing padding[/caption]

The Mega AgencyKylie was pictures at the Schiaperelli Fashion at the Italian Embassy in Paris[/caption]

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