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Whoopi Goldberg worries she’s suffering makeup fail live on air as she demands ‘say it out loud!’ to View crew member

Whoopi Goldberg worries she’s suffering makeup fail live on air as she demands ‘say it out loud!’ to View crew member

THE View star Whoopi Goldberg has appeared to be self-conscious about how she looks on today’s episode of the morning show.

Whoopi was so passionate about Donald Trump during Monday’s Hot Topics segment on The View that she thought she talked her makeup off.

ABCThe View star Whoopi Goldberg was self-conscious on Monday’s episode[/caption]

ABCWhoopi thought she had lipstick on her teeth during the show[/caption]

Debated at the roundtable were Democrats, Republicans, President Joe Biden, 80, and the four criminal cases Donald, 77, is centered in.

Whoopi, 67, of course, shared her opinion, explaining her point in a matter-of-fact tone.

As she spoke, her co-host Sunny Hostin, 55, made a comment under her breath, causing the comedian to stop and respond to her.

“What? Lipstick on my teeth?,” Whoopi asked Sunny, covering her mouth with her hand as she begged the question.

Sunny answered no, clarifying that she said: “[Trump had] four cases.”

Whoopi took a brief pause, rubbing her front teeth with her finger to ensure no lipstick was on them before speaking again.

The award-winning actress continued with her perspective until she got a signal from a producer who was off-camera.

“What is it my teeth? What are you doing to me?,” Whoopi asked the producer with a hint of irritation in her voice.

Cameras shifted to the producer in front of a monitor, who was telling Whoopi that it was time to wrap it up.

Whoopi struggled with hearing what he was saying, and insisted he said what he was “out loud.”

The producer screamed commercial, letting her know that it was time for a commercial break.


Whoopi often gets production in order while she’s on-air.

The longtime The View moderator had no problem blasting someone behind-the-scenes when she was thrown for a loop last week.

During last Monday’s episode, featuring guest Henry Winkler, 78, Whoopi welcomed viewers back from a commercial break but was quickly interrupted.

“… We are back here with Henry Winkler. Apparently today- ok! See, you all like to this to me,” she said while smiling.

“Is it my question?” co-host Sunny asked as she giggled.

Whoopi responded: “Yeah, but they’re giving me a whole other thing!” referring to the show’s crew.

“Just to see if I’m awake!” she added

As the audience laughed, Sunny explained: “Something else was in the prompter but it’s my question.”

This is not the first time that Whoopi had an issue with The View staff.

In mid-October, Whoopi quickly shut down a show producer following his simple request.

It all started off on The View hosts walked out from back stage, while a different tune played than their usual theme song.


“Hello and welcome to the View,” Whoopi said before explaining the change.

“We walked out to the Oscar-winning song Shaft by Isaac Hayes in order to honor the great actor, Richard Roundtree, who passed away at 81.”

She continued: “We will forever remember him as the big screen’s first Black action hero, ok?

“So, I want to talk about Shaft.”

However, producer Brian Teta interrupted the star and said: “Whoopi, I don’t think we should do that.”

“Why?” she asked.

“He’s a complicated man,” Brian said. “Nobody understands him but his woman,” referencing lyrics from the song Shaft.

Another of the show’s producer then joked: “You know that Shaft is a bad mother-.”

“Shut your mouth!” Whoopi warned with wide eyes as her co-hosts laughed.

ABCWhoopi asked a producer who was off-camera if she had lipstick on her teeth when he signaled to her[/caption]

ABCThe producer told Whoopi no but did inform her it was time for a ‘commercial break’[/caption]

ABCThis isn’t the first time that Whoopi interacted with a producer while on-air[/caption]

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