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Bigg Boss host Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera reveals neighbour feud with his mum so bitter they’ve had to call cops

Bigg Boss host Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera reveals neighbour feud with his mum so bitter they’ve had to call cops

IT seems that Bigg Boss host Salman Khan has been dealing with feuds both on air and at home.

Salman’s bodyguard Shera has revealed that he is in the midst of a feisty legal battle with his neighbor.

AFPActor and Bigg Boss host Salman Khan’s bodyguard has been in a legal battle[/caption]

Instagram/@beingsheraBodyguard Shera has revealed his ongoing legal woes[/caption]

The bodyguard filed an official complaint against a neighbor of more than 50 years for “defaming” his mother.

The neighbor in question has allegedly been “defaming” and “using unflattering language” to address her.

Shera explained: “We have been living in Ashish Co-Operative Housing Society for the past 50 years. A few years ago, I moved to Oshiwara.

“My mother and father were living with my son at our old residence.”

Shera explained that after issues on the housing society board arose, his mother resigned from her position – but then the neighbor began holding a “grudge” against her.

He continued: “The secretary started to single out my mother. I thought the matter would be resolved but it kept getting worse.

“He started abusing my mother in front of the other members of the society… how can you do that to a woman and senior citizen?”

The case is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan made a huge announcement along with Arijit Singh after the two were engaged in a nine year feud.

Salman took to Instagram to announce his latest movie Tiger 3’s first song Leke Prabhu Ka Naam – and added the track has been made by Arijit.

He posted a picture of himself and Katrina Kaif from the music video and wrote: “The glimpse of our first song.”

Salman added: “Oh han, ye Arijit ka pehla gaan mere liye (Oh yes, this is Arijit’s first song for me).”

Fans soon started to flood the comment section of the post with excitement for the long-awaited collaboration.

The first track from Tiger 3 will be unveiled a week after the trailer drop, on Monday, October 23.

Rumours of Salman and Arijit making their peace began to swirl earlier this month.

A video of a car leaving Salman’s home at Galaxy apartments in Mumbai soon started to circulate on social media.

Eagle-eyed viewers believed they’d spotted Arijit inside the vehicle as it left through the gate’s of the compound, leaving fans in a frenzy.

The duo haven’t spoken since sharing the stage at an award’s show in 2014, when Salman was hosting the event.

Instagram/@beingsheraShera is embroiled in a dispute over his mother[/caption]

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