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Bigg Boss 17 chaos as Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt brawl in shoving match as Aishwarya Sharma tries to stop them

Bigg Boss 17 chaos as Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt brawl in shoving match as Aishwarya Sharma tries to stop them

TWO Bigg Boss 17 stars got into a major altercation on-air, forcing another contestant to intervene between the two.

Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt began shoving each other in a recent episode as fellow housemate Aishwarya Sharma tried to stop the pair.

Youtube/@ColorsThe shocking moment between Vicky and Neil has gone viral[/caption]

Youtube/@ColorsThe pair had to be separated[/caption]

Youtube/@ColorsVicky was reportedly trying to defend his wife[/caption]

Vicky and Neil had been arguing about a matter about Vicky being looked down upon television.

Vicky shouted: “It’s my wife’s matter, let me handle it.”

Vicky eventually shoved Neil when things escalated, and Neil said: “How dare he push me?”

Neil’s wife Aishwarya rushed and begged Neil to show restraint, saying “Bubu, don’t do it.

She screamed while holding him back: “Baby, no!”

Neil and Vicky then stared off face to face while other contestants tried to pull the pair apart.

Season 17 of Bigg Boss has been tense, as last week a contestant was reduced to tears after clashing with her husband and fellow contestant.

Couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain were struggling in the Bigg Boss 17 house, with Ankita saying she felt lonely after Vicky’s “hurtful” act.

The clip shows Ankita looking upset with Vicky and saying that he is everywhere in the house but with her.

Talking in the bedroom, a teary-eyed Ankita tells him how they had discussed that they would live together in the Bigg Boss house but they are nowhere.

“People cannot hurt me, only my man can hurt me and I am hurt,” she admitted.

Vicky apologises and tries to calm her down, but she did not look convinced.

“I don’t know why I am feeling so lonely,” Ankita continued.

“You are everywhere Vicky but not with me, I can feel that.”

Before entering the hit Indian reality show, Ankita explained how having her husband by her side could help her.

“I never thought I could be a Bigg Boss contestant. I try to stay away from controversies. I don’t like to fight,” she told the Press Trust of India.

And yesterday, Abhishek Kumar opened up about his ex Isha Malviya, and said “destiny” brought them together.

The pair were reported to be in a relationship when working on Indian TV drama Udaariyan, but Isha denied ever dating her co-star.

Youtube/@ColorsAishwarya tried to stop her husband[/caption]

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