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Andrea Perron who ‘was attacked by spirits’ & inspired The Conjuring tells of her ‘conscious cosmic contact with aliens’

Andrea Perron who ‘was attacked by spirits’ & inspired The Conjuring tells of her ‘conscious cosmic contact with aliens’

THE real-life demon-haunted, supernatural-believing child from the film The Conjuring has told how she is convinced aliens are present in her life.

Andrea Perron, best known as the teen attacked by an evil spirit in the true story that inspired the movie The Conjuring, insists that extraterrestrials will soon reveal their long-term presence on Earth.

We Are Not Alone @‌Elysium Media LLCWriter Andrea Perron believes aliens are present in her life, and they will soon reveal their long-term presence on Earth[/caption]

YouTubeThe horror film The Conjuring was based on the experiences Andrea Perron and her family experienced in their childhood home[/caption]

We Are Not Alone @‌Elysium Media LLCPerron told The U.S. Sun that when she was 13, a floating ‘upside down inverted city’ alien craft flew over her Rhode Island family farm home[/caption]

Perron, long considered a leading mind in the study of the occult and spirit world, claims that some citizens are already secret “hybrid” beings able to communicate with our intergalactic visitors.

Perron, 65, has labeled those interactions as “conscious cosmic contact,” adding that many people reach out to confirm similar experiences.

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, Perron opened up on her unfounded suspicions that governments are terrified about the power and control that UFOs could have over the planet.

She insisted: “They love us. They don’t want to hurt us. They want us to stop killing each other and stop raping this planet.”

Perron, promoting a new documentary, We Are Not Alone, hosted by Serena DC, feels that once alien intermingling begins, the human race will develop a greater awareness of the powers of the universe.

She claims she experiences contact with ETs and believes that soon, everyone will.

“It’s happening. Alien life forms will make themselves real to us,” Perron said.

“It’s already happening.

“They are absolutely walking among us. No question about it.

“There are millions of contactees on this planet. The empirical evidence is there.

“In terms of who does or does not believe – that’s going to be a moot point so soon.

“What we have to do is gently, lovingly introduce people to the notion that we are not alone, that we’ve never been alone.

“We will eventually begin to merge and understand that this universe is teeming with life.

“This is a given. We should not ultimately count on any government, not just the United States, to disclose much more further.

“The real disclosure is coming from the contactees -people who have very often just common people with uncommon experiences.”


This year, the Pentagon has released a series of videos of UFOs, or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), that military aircrafts have captured throughout the years.

United States Congress members also heard testimony in July from a former US Department of Defense official who came forward claiming the country has found and is in possession of non-human craft.

Whistleblower David Grusch, a former intelligence officer with top-secret clearance, revealed to members of the House Subcommittee on National Security, border, and Foreign Affairs that he has personal knowledge of people who were harmed in the cover-up of alien tech.

Grusch refused to share if he knew of or had heard of anyone who had been murdered in the cover-up.

Meanwhile, Nasa boss Bill Nelson said the space agency will begin to utilize AI and machine learning (ML) to help search for alien life across the galaxy.


Perron, who says she can recognize those from other galaxies by their “coronas,” says aliens want the Earth to thrive.

“The galactic family has messaged me and said, ‘Forgive them. They’re doing what they think is right.

“They’re doing what they think will save their a**es. They’re doing what they can to preserve their power structure,” she said.

“These beings have such formidable, advanced technology that if they wanted us dead … they could easily eradicate us millennia ago.

“There are more vessels circumnavigating the globe than even Ufologists can wrap their minds around, let alone the people out in the general public.

“They would much rather believe in Italian space lasers altering boats than they would that we are in contact with sentient prescient beings from around the universe.”

Perron recalls her initiation to alien life when, at age 13, a floating “upside down inverted city” alien craft flew over her Rhode Island family farm home, which was famously terrorized by demons.

American paranormal investigators Edward and Lorraine Warren went to Perron’s home and investigated in the 1970s and claimed that a spirit named Bathsheba haunted the home.

Although the Warrens quashed the menace of the tormenting witch demon on Perron, she claims that the aliens never stopped their contact.

“I’ve been a contactee my whole life. I call it ‘conscious cosmic contact.’

“I have three markers – firstborn, blue eyes, and Rh negative blood factor.

“I am among that group of people who consider themselves in some way, shape or form, hybrid.”

Perron doesn’t ever want to be considered “a cult leader.”

“I’ve been very fortunate, but I don’t think that any of this has happened coincidentally,” she said.

“And the only thing that I take umbrage with in the new film, the only thing is that I am described as an expert.

“There really is no such thing in this field. We are all finding our way. We are all having experiences that we either choose to share or not.

“Some people are shutting it down, but a lot of other people are very open to it. A recent poll said 62% of Americans believe that we are being visited – and they’re not scared.

“This is an authentic movement. It is academic and cerebral in nature for the most part. But what I do with conscious cosmic contact is I focus on the emotional core energy of the connection.”

Perron is a key contributor to Serena DC’s gripping documentary We Are Not Alone, which explores alien encounters, human interactions, and their motives.

Serena is a documentary filmmaker, reality star, and talk show host who began the show process as a cynic.

However, Serena, star of Netflix‘s Instant Hotel and chat show Hollywood Disclosure, said: “The fact that we’re not alone in this universe is so cool. The fact that there’s light on other planets is insane.

“The fact that they’re visiting us and millions upon millions upon millions of people are seeing UFO in the sky every day is incredible.”

YouTubeActress Shanley Caswell (top right) portrays Andrea Perron in The Conjuring[/caption]

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