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Sunrise host Natalie Barr reveals coming face-to-face with Kathleen Folbigg ahead $400,000 interview on 7News Spotlight

Sunrise host Natalie Barr reveals coming face-to-face with Kathleen Folbigg ahead $400,000 interview on 7News Spotlight

SUNRISE host Natalie Barr has described the moment she came face-to-face with woman dubbed “Australia’s worst serial killer.

Following a jaw-dropping interview with Kathleen Folbigg – who was cleared of murdering her four babies – Natalie said she “will never believe that woman.”

Sunrise host Natalie Bar recently interviewed woman dubbed ‘Australia’s worst serial killer,’ Kathleen Folbigg

Natalie said Folbigg was ‘articulate and really, really normal’

Folbigg spent 20 years behind bars after she was convicted for the murder of three of her children and the manslaughter of her fourth.

The 55-year-old was recently pardoned and released from prison after an inquiry heard credible evidence that the four children may have died of natural causes.

Soon after her release Natalie seized the opportunity to do a bombshell interview with Folbigg, which is due to air this Sunday.

This is the first interview she has done since her release.

Folbigg has always strenuously denied that she killed or harmed her babies – who all died before reaching their second birthday.

Natalie didn’t hold back in the interview and in the trailer she can be seen grilling Folbigg as she wipes away tears.

The Sunrise host said “everyone was asking do you think she did it” and she has now answered that question.

The star’s co-host, Matt Shirvington, asked whether she believed Folbigg was innocent and if her interview shifted her view.

Barr replied: “That’s not my job. My job is to go and ask the questions and to report.

“I’ve been getting questions all week. “What do you think? I will never believe that woman.

“Or I can’t believe that we have to compensate that woman millions of dollars because of what she went through.

“And that’s what Australia will get to decide on Sunday night.”

Folbigg is not expected to make a habit of talking to the media and she has returned home to live a quiet and secluded life.

Natalie said: “She has talked to us, but she’s not going to make a habit of talking to anyone,”

She added: “She was determined to get a story out. She knew we had to ask her every question, all the difficult questions.

And she was determined to answer them.”

The Sunrise host demonstrated her commitment to providing viewers with the best interview possible as she spent two days trying to connect with Folbigg before the cameras were rolling.

Natalie expected the woman to be “bitter and twisted” but said: “She was nothing like I thought she would be.

“She was determined and articulate and really, really normal. And nice.”

Natalie and the Seven Spotlight crew travelled to northern NSW just days after Folbigg was released and seven reportedly spent $400,000 to secure the interview.

The Sunrise host is no stranger to dealing with complex interviews.

She has also interviewed Lindy Chamberlain who is another mum who was convicted and then pardoned of killing her own baby.

This isn’t the only reason Natalie has been in the news lately, on Monday we told how the host was gobsmacked when weatherman Sam Mac produced a raunchy-looking piece of pottery.

7News Spotlight7NEWS paid $400,000 for the first interview with Folbigg since her release[/caption]

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