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Disney fans are in tears and say ‘love doesn’t exist’ as Mickey and Minnie Mouse break up after 95 iconic years together

Disney fans are in tears and say ‘love doesn’t exist’ as Mickey and Minnie Mouse break up after 95 iconic years together

DISNEY has made a decision that has its loyal fans in a major upset.

The company’s most iconic couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, have been split up after 95 years.

AlamyMickey and Minnie Mouse are apparently no longer a couple[/caption]

GettyMickey and Minnie have been in a relationship for the last 95 years[/caption]

Disney revealed the cover of three new Disney What If Variant Covers that feature the Fab Five as Marvel characters.

One of the comics shows Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy as the original X-Men.

In the history of X-Men, there is one specific romantic couple made of Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Fans noticed that Mickey was drawn in the role of the iconic Cyclops, but Daisy Duck was Jean.

Then, in another comic book cover, the Imagineers at Disney created the What If story of if Peg Leg Pete was the God of Mischief, aka Loki.

On that cover, the Fab Five is presented as several members of the Avengers.

Once again, Mickey and Daisy are pictured as a romantic couple on the cover.

Mickey is portrayed as Ant-Man and Daisy is portrayed as the Wasp, and they are dating.


Fans online are confused as to why Daisy was pictured as Mickey’s love interest instead of Minnie.

It’s been almost a century since Mickey and Minnie’s love became iconic, and die-hard fans of the Mouse on X, formerly known as Twitter, are worried about their future.

One said: “My head is spinning, I could actually cry over this… Disney has decided to break up Mickey and Minnie?!?”

Another said: “Is no relationship sacred anymore? If they can’t make it nobody can. I no longer believe in love true love doesn’t exist.”

A third said: “Why’s the only pairing they made with Micky and Minnie the one where the characters are siblings?” referring to the third cover where they are pictured as the Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver.

Someone else said: “Daisy and Mickey are a couple?!”

A fifth said: “Mickey and Minnie Mouse worked to make us feel good, even if we couldn’t go to Disney World. They may be Separated, but forever in our hearts.”


Fans have also been disappointed to discover that a fan-favorite show Daredevil is finding a new home on Disney+ and is due to undergo major changes.

Marvel Studio’s show Daredevil: Born Again paused production in June because of the writer’s strike.

The season was meant to feature 18 episodes, but less than half of them were filmed.

This led Marvel executives to look over the footage, and they decided the show wasn’t working.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel let go of its head writers, Chris Ord and Matt Corman as well as the directors of the series

Their goal is to create a total reboot, and they’re looking for new writers and directors.

Paul ReidFans are freaking out online over the sudden breakup[/caption]

Twitter/ Marvel EntertainmentInstead of Minnie, Daisy has been portrayed as Mickey’s mate[/caption]

Twitter/ Marvel EntertainmentMickey and Daisy were made to be the partners of two famous Marvel couples[/caption]

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