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John David Duggar’s rarely-seen wife Abbie resurfaces in new selfie to show off change to her appearance

John David Duggar’s rarely-seen wife Abbie resurfaces in new selfie to show off change to her appearance

JOHN David Duggar’s wife Abbie has debuted a drastic change to her appearance.

The Counting On star is seldom seen, making her big reveal that much more surprising.

John and Abbie/InstagramJohn David Duggar’s wife Abbie was spotted with a new look[/caption]

Instagram/johnandabbieAbbie showed off her relatively straight hair, but teased she wanted to go curlier[/caption]

Abbie recently took to her Instagram stories to address questions fans seem to always ask her about her curly hair.

Sharing a picture from her wedding day, the 31-year-old posted: “A lot of y’all have asked me about my curly hair routine.

“I have used the same products from Walmart for nearly 20 years! My hair has been on quite a journey.”

The reality star then provided some visual proof in her following stories, starting first with a way throwback photo to when she was a child, holding a baby on her lap.

“…my hair as a kid,” she captioned the snap.

Next was a photo of her as a teen, smiling in her bathroom.

That one was captioned: “…my hair after puberty.”

Finally were a pair of recent pics, showing off her now-straight hair.

“…my hair after having babies.” the mother-of-two shared. She then admitted she missed her curly locks.

“I am ready to switch it up and see if I can get some curl back!”

Abbie also included a sticker asking followers: “Curly girls, what are your favorite hair products?”


Abbie was last seen in August, covering her hair with a hat, but breaking her family’s strict dress code by showing off her bare legs.

John David, 33, and Abbie took their two kids: Grace, three, and Charlie, 1, to a hot air balloon festival and posed for a snap on the grounds.

The pic captured the family of four smiling while standing in front of a slew of massive and colorful hot air balloons.

John David rocked tan shorts, a blue t-shirt, and a baseball cap, but Abbie’s attire raised eyebrows with her jean shorts and tight black top, showing off her thin figure.

She paired the outfit with a baseball cap and sandals.


The former TLC star’s ensemble wouldn’t have been approved by her in-laws, Jim Bob and Michelle, whose conservative rules require women to wear long skirts or dresses.

Abbie is one of the many Duggars who’ve been straying away from the family’s dress code lately, including sister-in-laws JanaJill, Jinger, Joy-Anna and their cousin, Amy.

And the photo was a rare sighting of Abbie, who hadn’t posted on social media in eight months.

The couple’s last Instagram post was in December, when they shared a snap of them with their kids celebrating the holidays.

They all wore winter clothes, with John David rocking a tan sweater and pants and his wife wearing a green dress.

Their caption read: “We wish you a Merry Christmas!” with a Christmas tree emoji.

Instagram/johnandabbieAbbie shared photos of her hair from throughout her life[/caption]

Instagram/johnandabbieHer ‘do was extra curly as a teen[/caption]

Abbie wore a hat, but exposed her legs, at a balloon festival

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