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Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington’s hilarious reaction after getting ‘special treatment’ live on-air

Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington’s hilarious reaction after getting ‘special treatment’ live on-air

SUNRISE hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington sent shivers down viewers’ spines after having their necks professionally cracked on set.

Sydney-based chiropractor Dr Cody paid a visit to the TV stars to relieve them of any back and neck pain or joint stiffness they had.

Dr Cody said it was likely Matt Shirvington had a ‘postural issue’Instagram

INSTAGRAMNatalie Barr was shocked to hear Dr Cody crack Matt’s back[/caption]

Matt said he felt like a ‘new man’ after the treatmentInstagram

Natalie, 55, sat upright and closed her eyes as Dr Cody slowly began releasing the tension stored in her body.

Then, very quickly, he snapped her neck.

Natalie’s eyes shot open and she seemed startled, even letting out an expletive.

Dr Cody, whose Instagram bio reads “The Best Crack In The World”, also took a look at host Matt, 44, and told him his upper thoracic spine was “leaning too far forward” which was probably a “postural issue”.

After the chiropractor cracked Matt’s back, the co-host declared: “I feel like a new man.

“I feel like I just gained an inch, of height.”

Sunrise and Dr Cody shared a video of Matt’s treatment to Instagram, much to the delight of viewers.

Australian Olympic diver Sam Fricker commented: “Two legends.”

Someone else said: “I love Dr Cody’s videos and I never realised Matt was so funny.”

Another person wrote: “Love a good crack! Shirvo is cool, great addition to the show.”

Others said they “so needed” to have their own necks and backs cracked by a chiropractor.

News presenter Edwina Bartholomew also got a piece of the action and was attended to by Dr Cody.

The chiropractor massaged her neck and had her undo her shirt collar for better access then tip her neck to the side.

The mum of two relaxed for a moment before Dr Cody manoeuvred her head in a lightning-fast fashion, causing a popping sound.

Edwina shrieked: “Jesus Christ!”

She covered her mouth with her hand and laughed.

It comes after Natalie shared a rare sneak peek of the Sunrise squad enjoying a boozy day out at the AFL grand final.

The broadcaster and her co-hosts were busy cheering and drinking as they watched the Collingwood Magpies fiercely battle the Brisbane Lions for the win.

Natalie was jumping out of her seat all day as she watched the tense decider clash in Melbourne.

Just prior, former AFL bad boy Ben Cousins opened up to the Sunrise host about his personal struggles.

He got vulnerable while surrounded by footy fans in Melbourne’s Federation Square ahead of Saturday’s clash.

Natalie asked Cousins: “Are you well?”

The athlete said it had been a “long road” but “life’s great at the moment”.

Fans thought Matt’s response to having his neck cracked was hilariousInstagram

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