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Khloe Kardashian slammed for ‘flaunting’ her wealth as she’s surrounded by Birkin and Gucci bags in her massive closet

Khloe Kardashian slammed for ‘flaunting’ her wealth as she’s surrounded by Birkin and Gucci bags in her massive closet

KHLOE Kardashian has been blasted by fans for a brand-packed new giveaway post.

The Hulu star collabed with another account for a giveaway on Instagram last week, but some fans weren’t impressed.

Khloe Kardashian/InstagramKhloe Kardashian fans criticized her for showing off her wealth in a giveaway post[/caption]

Instagram/khloekardashianThe star filmed inside her massive closet while surrounded by bags and Apple products[/caption]

In the post, Khloe, 39, teamed up to create a competition in which nine of her followers could win a selection of luxury goods.

In the post, the Good American founder stood in the huge closet of her $17million mansion.

Khloe wore ripped jeans and a red tank top, and held a Birkin bag while boxes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Apple products were displayed around her.

In the comment section, however, some fans were horrified by the designer good on show.

One person raged: “People can’t eat and you’re surrounded by designer bags”

Another simply said: “It’s not good.”

When the video was released, many of Khloe’s social media followers also questioned whether the star was involved in a scam.

“I see these giveaways a lot I really want to know does anybody ever win these things,” one person said.

“In your scamming bag Khloe, I love to see it,” joked another

“No one will win though,” a third said while another critic called it “BS.”


This isn’t the first time that Khloe has been called out for her displays of wealth, after she reposted an image of a pie chart on  Snapchat.

The post stated: “Nobody will remember: Your salary, how ‘busy’ you are, how many hours you worked, or how many Gucci bags you owned.

People will remember: How you made them feel, the time you spent with them if you kept your word, and if they could count on you.”

A fan shared the post on Reddit, along with the caption: “Absolutely zero self-awareness on Khloe’s Snapchat story lol.”

A second wrote: “I swear Khloe wants to be part of the working class so bad or something.”

“Holy lack of self awareness,” said a third.


Khloe hasn’t just been accused of spoiling herself, after being slammed for her daughter True‘s extravagant Octonauts-themed fifth birthday bash.

The party included a two-tier birthday cake, decorated with blue icing and covered with detailed characters from the kids’ series.

In a video taken by Khloe’s sister Kylie Jenner, 26, an entire underwater display was captured, filled with clear and colored balloons mimicking jellyfish floating around.

There was also a massive balloon display, made to look like a pink octopus wrapped around a cabana beside the in-ground pool.

She then showed off a wall of personalized backpacks, which Khloe offered to the kids as favors.

Critics complained about the show of wealth on Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok less than 24 hours after the party had ended.

One wrote: “Ooooh to be this rich and put on these types of birthdays for my kids.”

Another wrote: “Birthday parties must be so fun when you’re rich.”

A third sarcastically added: “I love watching rich people enjoy their lives!”

Someone wrote: “Here’s a ‘little peak’ at my garish, wasteful party that my child won’t remember, filled with food that will never be eaten and crafts that will never get fully completed.”

Instagram/khloekardashianFans called Khloe out for showing off designer goods while many people are struggling[/caption]

Instagram/ Khloe KardashianThe star was criticized for her ‘lack of self-awareness’ earlier this summer when she posted about Gucci bags and designer goods not being important[/caption]

TikTok/kyliejennerKhloe’s extravagant fifth birthday party for her daughter True also raised eyebrows[/caption]

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