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GMA’s Ginger Zee shocks as she flaunts her figure in low-cut dress ‘made out of trash’ for new on-air project

GMA’s Ginger Zee shocks as she flaunts her figure in low-cut dress ‘made out of trash’ for new on-air project

GOOD Morning America star Ginger Zee has sported a unique outfit for an on-air segment on a famous news program.

Ginger, 42, linked up with the environmentalist drag queen Pattie Gonia for a recent episode of ABC’s Nightline.

Instagram/ginger_zeeGood Morning America star Ginger Zee sported ‘trashion’ in a new clip on social media[/caption]

Instagram/ginger_zeeGinger linked up with environmentalist drag queen Pattie Gonia for a new project on ABC’s Nightline[/caption]

The TV personality shared a carousel post on Instagram that included a couple of snaps of Ginger and Pattie during production, along with a clip of them in dazzling ensembles.

In the snippet, the ABC anchor wore a black and white dress designed from what appeared to be recyclables.

The upper part of Ginger’s dress was black, sleeveless, low-cut, and fit snugly to her torso.

At the bottom of her makeshift gown was a white ruffled hoop skirt that looked to be made of plastic bags, and empty chip bags.

Ginger posed for the film crew capturing the footage while Pattie stood next to her.

“Ginger! It looks great,” Pattie complimented.

“Tonight on @nightline allow me to introduce you to @pattiegonia – a drag queen & environmentalist who is dedicated to building a more diverse outdoor and climate movement. #climate #drag #outdoors #adventure #pattiegonia #trashion #environment,” Ginger captioned.

As impressive as it was that the ensemble was designed from scraps, many fans didn’t find it amusing.


Several fans slammed Ginger for her on-air project in her comment section.

“Jesus Christ… wtf go back to being a meteorologist and stop the godd**n bulls**t,” one fan complained.

Another added: “Why do you even give attention to this BS?”

A third person ranted: “Cmon Ginger!!!! That is so sad. Absolutely nothing to do with the environment.

“You just lost me. You and ABC should be ashamed of yourselves.”

A fourth fan cosigned: “I’m out Zee! Nope. Nope. Nope.”

The meteorologist had many haters, but also a lot of people who came to her defense.

“I love how this post is doing you a BIG favor by cleaning out some of your ‘trash’ followers!,” one fan emphasized.

Someone else echoed: “Look at all the positive comments!! NOT!!! Unfollowing.”


This isn’t the first time that Ginger has been dragged for what she chooses to wear.

Earlier this year, Ginger clapped back at a fan who slammed her outfit in an Instagram post.

She wore a miniskirt and yellow sweater on set, along with black tights, which some fans had a problem with it.

Ginger smiled for a photo with producer Sam Wnek and weather producer Max Golembo, as they stood in front of the screens backstage.

The second photo showed “Spring-like Temperatures” in the 50s and 60s.

Ginger captioned the post: “My morning Valentine’s @samwnek @maxgolembo and the spring-like heat for the rest of the week – hundreds of records (highs and lows) could fall- wow. #valentine #work #love #spring #heat #records.”

Many of her followers wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day and some even complimented her outfit.

However, one GMA fan did not like her style.

“What are you wearing? I used to love your style. What happened?” they commented.

To that, Ginger clapped back and said: “I am wearing a rented skirt and top I’ve had for a while/- I love this outfit. Thanks for your opinion.”

Instagram/ginger_zeeMany fans slammed Ginger for donning the outfit and reporting on Pattie[/caption]

GettyThough Ginger had some haters, she also had supporters who came to her defense[/caption]

Twitter /GMAThis wasn’t the first time that Ginger has been slated for her outfit choices[/caption]

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