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GMA’s Sam Champion reveals health ‘situation’ that’s been a ‘problem’ for him and his family in honest chat with fans

GMA’s Sam Champion reveals health ‘situation’ that’s been a ‘problem’ for him and his family in honest chat with fans

SAM Champion has opened up about his health in a long new video.

The Good Morning America star spoke about his wellbeing during an Instagram Live on Wednesday.

GettySam Champion opened up about his high blood press during an Instagram Live[/caption]

Instagram/samchampionThe star said that the issue affects his family, and that he’d ‘probably always’ need medication[/caption]

In the Live, Sam, 62, walked around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in New York City on a sunny afternoon.

The television personality went topless as he kept up a fast pace, and wore a thin gold necklace.

Sam opened up the conversation on the topic of health, bringing up how he and his family suffer from high blood pressure.

He revealed that he’d ‘probably always’ need medication for the condition, but stressed how diet and exercise meant that he could use a lower dose.

Sam explained: “So here’s the reason for the quick chat… Rubem and I usually do about a three- to five-mile walk in the park right around lunchtime.

“And today on Eyewitness News at 10am, one of the things we talked about was high blood pressure. And I told you that it’s been a problem for me and my family, and Shirleen [Allicot] talked about her family.

“And diet and exercise – depending on the reason that you have high blood pressure, which can be many – may not be a complete answer for you.”

The daytime TV star shared: “I’ll probably always have to take some kind of medication. One of the things they wanted me to do was a statin and I wasn’t really good with that after reading up on it, and I felt like my numbers were on the threshold for that so I didn’t really want to take it.”

After explaining he was taking a different medication, Sam said: “But if I’m in control of my diet and exercise, then that medication can be a little bit lower than it would be. That’s my situation.”


As a testament to how well he looks after his health, fans expressed their shock at learning Sam’s age when he celebrated his birthday on August 13.

The star clocked in his 62nd birthday with an Instagram post, in which he sat at an outside dining table and blew out a candle on a chocolate cake.

In his caption, he credited his spouse, Rubem Robierb, 46, for the celebrations, writing: “When I say, my husband knows how to plan a special birthday….

“He is the freeking best at it #bestbirthday.”

One shocked fan praised: “Happiest Birthday, you ageless wonder!!!”


Amid his continuing health concerns, Sam faced criticism from fans about his new show, Eyewitness News at 10am.

After its premiere this month, Sam highlighted the show while filming his morning swim, and asked: “A little live, ocean swim… And a chat… What do you think about eyewitness news @ 10 AM??”

Among many positive responses, Sam received an influx of critical comments from trolls.

Sam quickly addressed the hate, writing: “Interesting opinions. When I see someone write ‘everything negative’… I know they’re not happy, so I begin to disregard their opinion…

“1. None of the stories are similar in the shows that you mentioned… So you’re factually inaccurate at the start.. unsolicited advice to you…”

He concluded: “Figure out why you’re so unhappy and start fixing that… Don’t spread your unhappiness to others.”

Instagram/samchampionSam explained that diet and exercise helps limit how much medication he needs, with the star going on his daily brisk walk as he filmed[/caption]

Instagram/ samchampionFans were shocked to learn that same turned 62 last month, calling him ‘ageless’[/caption]

ABCSam’s new show started this month, but drew criticism from trolls[/caption]

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