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American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe flees home for road trip with his dog after pal revealed he wants to ‘retire’ from show

American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe flees home for road trip with his dog after pal revealed he wants to ‘retire’ from show

MIKE Wolfe has hit the road amid reports he’s ready for freedom away from the show.

The American Pickers star shared a pic on Instagram yesterday showing off his adventures.

TIKTOK/@mikewolfeamericanpickerMike Wolfe took time away from work to hit the road with his dog Frankie[/caption]

Instagram/mikewolfeamericanpickerThe duo snapped a selfie while traveling in a vintage Impala, while Mike rocked his own apparel brand[/caption]

In the post, Mike, 59, posed in a vintage car while accompanied by his beloved dog, Francie.

The duo looked to be on an open road lined by green lawns, with the blue sky above them.

Television star Mike tagged his clothing and accessories company Two Lanes, and looked suave in a cool but casual fit.

The antique enthusiast wore a light blue denim shirt, and shielded his eyes from the sun with tinted glasses.

Behind him, his gorgeous pup Francie seemed to be smiling straight at the camera, too.

Mike captioned the post: “Road dog @ontwolanes Francie Wolfe #58impala.”

In the comment section, one fan exclaimed: “The cutest Backseat driver!”

Another social media follower added: “Nothing better than a dog and you and in a old car.”

“Putting some miles on that impala. I love it! Enjoy!!” wrote a third fan.


While Mike was happy to hit the road on Monday, his reluctance to do so on Sunday to attend his own event led to disappointment from fans.

On Sunday, Mike announced that he’d decided not to go ahead with a coffee event at Columbia Motor Alley due to the weather.

Alongside an image of his Columbia, Tennessee shop, he wrote: “Due to rain we will see y’all next month don’t forget the retail location is still open today for Motor Alley @columbiamotoralley @columbiacarsandcoffee open from 10:00 AM to 5:00.”

In the comment section, one person wrote: “Lol your car might get wet.”

Another said: “Still made it out there this morning! Always worth the drive.”

“Didn’t stop me from swinging by,” agreed a third.

A fourth person slammed: “Rain?! That doesn’t stop us in the pnw.”


The most recent season of American Pickers has been facing a struggle with ratings.

On top of this news, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that Mike and his brother Robbie may be ready to call it quits soon. 

A pal of Mike’s exclusively told The U.S. Sun: “I don’t know how long the show will last. I don’t know how long Mike and Robbie want to do this. I think they would like to retire at some point. It’s been 12 years. 

“It’s a strain on your life. They’ve done this a long time. When they’re around it’s, ‘Ah we’re on the road again. I ain’t got time to do this, I ain’t got time to do that.’ 

“It’s a love-hate like with any job. Some days you don’t wish you had that job and you could do whatever you wanted. Some days you’re all excited about your job.”

Instagram / mikewolfeamericanpickerOn Sunday, Mike was blasted by fans after he canceled an event at the last minute due to rain[/caption]

History ChannelAmerican Pickers has suffered from its lowest ever ratings this season[/caption]

American Pickers / History ChannelAccording to an insider, Mike is ‘ready to retire’ from the show and its ‘strain’ on his life[/caption]

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