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Little People stars Amy & Matt Roloff’s rarely-seen daughter Molly spotted in new pic after she retreated from spotlight

Little People stars Amy & Matt Roloff’s rarely-seen daughter Molly spotted in new pic after she retreated from spotlight

LITTLE People, Big World stars Amy and Matt Roloff’s reclusive daughter Molly made a rare appearance on social media.

She popped up in a photo alongside her younger brother Jacob, 26, and his wife Isabel, who also stepped away from the TLC reality show.

InstagramLittle People, Big World star Molly Roloff made a rare social media appearance[/caption]

Instagram @isabelsofiarockShe posed with her little brother Jacob Roloff and his wife Isabel[/caption]

Isabel, 27, took to her Instagram Story on Monday to wish her sister-in-law a happy birthday.

She posted a photo of herself standing in the center while flanked by Molly, 30, on one side and Jacob on the other.

The trio was smiling wide in the pic, which featured a heart-warming caption.

“Happy birthday to Molly Jo Silvius,” Isabel wrote.

“The world is better with you in it!”

Molly tends to keep a lower profile than her other siblings.

She no longer appears on Little People, Big World and does not often feature on social media.


In July 2022, fans got a glimpse of the former reality star on her father Matt Roloff‘s Instagram account.

He posed for a photo next to his daughter while paying her a visit.

The Roloff patriarch captioned the post: “Spent the morning visiting my beautiful daughter Molly and her husband Joel in Spokane, Washington.”

Matt, 61, had been – and still is – embroiled in a heated feud with his twin sons Jeremy and Zach, both 33.

The sibling duo and their father have been at odds ever since a decision was made to sell a portion of Roloff Farms for a price neither son could afford.

Molly, for her part, has stayed out of the family drama – or so it appears.

Fans flocked to the comments on her father’s post to share their thoughts.

“I’m glad Molly is rising above the drama,” one fan wrote.

“Everyone is choosing sides, Molly refuses to!”

A second commented: “I believe she is the most stable of the whole bunch.”

One follower speculated that the drama may have fueled Molly’s decision to leave the farm in the first place, writing: “She was the first out of all them to move away while the boys stayed close to the farm.”


Molly again popped up on social media back in 2021, posing alongside her big brother Zach and his wife Tori for a photo.

The snap was taken during a wine day in Portland, Oregon, and Molly’s husband Joel Silvius tagged along as well.

The couples visited Stoller Family Estate vineyard together, taking one sweet photo as they sipped wine and enjoyed each other’s company.

Tori captioned the photo: “PERFECT afternoon!”

Molly and her husband choose to keep an extremely low profile.

They tied the know on Roloff farms in August 2017, releasing a brief statement about their marriage.

They said at the time: “We feel blessed to have been able to celebrate our marriage surrounded by so many people we love.”

They purchased their first home together in 2018 and live several hours from Matt’s property.

Instagram/@mattroloffShe previously featured on dad Matt Roloff’s Instagram feed[/caption]

InstagramMolly has managed to keep her distance amid family feuds over farm property[/caption]

InstagramShe and her husband Joel Silvius live a quiet life in Spokane, Washington[/caption]

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