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AGT’s Terry Crews lashes out at judges for poor treatment and ‘hating on’ acts as host vows to ‘protect’ contestants

AGT’s Terry Crews lashes out at judges for poor treatment and ‘hating on’ acts as host vows to ‘protect’ contestants

TERRY Crews has called out the judges on America’s Got Talent for their harsh treatment of contestants.

Terry, 55, is the host of AGT, and he often acts as a buffer between the contestants and all four judges.

GettyTerry Crews has exclusively spoken with The U.S. Sun[/caption]

NBCTerry admitted that he thinks the judges have been too harsh this season[/caption]

Recently, the concerned host took a swipe at the judges because of how they have been treating the contestants during the 2023 live shows.

Terry spoke exclusively with The U.S. Sun to reveal how furious he was with Simon Cowell, 63, Heidi Klum, 50, Sofia Vergara, 51, and Howie Mandel, 67, during the recent shows.

He has been urging them to stop hitting their red buzzers at this stage in the contest.

The Brooklynn Nine-Nine star revealed that he secretly comforts contestants off-stage after they are crushed by the judges.

He also admitted that he thinks the contestants have faced tougher-than-usual critiques.


Terry said: “First of all, this is the finals man. There’s a reason they’re here, so they don’t buzz ’em, don’t hate on ’em.

“They’re doing the best they can. Let America make that decision. And sometimes I have to back ’em up. I have to. These guys are out there alone.”

The television host continued: “All of a sudden they’re just standing there with nobody to protect them.

“But I will. I’m always there to give ’em back up and that’s my job.”

Once the cameras are off, that’s when Terry works his magic, but he’s also honest with the contestants.

He said: “When the cameras are off, I literally give them the hug that they need and let ’em know that this is part of the career.

“If you don’t go through this, there is no entertainment career. That’s the fact.”

He also tells the contestants: “This is not the end. And it would definitely not be the end of someone’s career on this show.”


During this week’s live show, Sofia and Simon both slammed their red buzzers during a performance from Puppet Simon and The Cowbells fought for their shot to be in the finale.

The Cowbells are a puppeteering group that controls several puppets on stage, including puppet versions of Simon and Sofia.

The puppets dance and sing in an attempt to win over the AGT audience in the studio and at home.

Although they did their best, The Cowbells didn’t win over the judges.

First, Sofia hit her buzzer during the act, and then Simon quickly slammed his buzzer after her.

Simon said the performance “started well, but then got increasingly worse.”

The audience started booing Simon, and then Sofia said: “No! It was horrific in the beginning,” but then the puppet version of herself improved the set.

Howie has also been guilty of hitting his red buzzer during a live performance.

GettyTerry has had to comfort contestants backstage after they heard from the judges[/caption]

NBCHowie, Sofia, and Simon have all been guilty of hitting the red buzzer during a live performance[/caption]

NBCThe audience expresses severe displeasure when the judges hit the buzzer[/caption]

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