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Sister Wives’ Christine & Kody Brown’s daughter Ysabel joins mom on spinoff as fans beg TLC to make major change to show

Sister Wives’ Christine & Kody Brown’s daughter Ysabel joins mom on spinoff as fans beg TLC to make major change to show

CHRISTINE and Kody Brown’s daughter Ysabel has been featured on a new episode of the Sister Wives spinoff show.

Christine, 51, has come out with a new episode of her cooking show, and it features her 20-year-old daughter Ysabel.

INSTAGRAM/ysabelpaigebrownChristine invited her 20-year-old daughter Ysabel on her cooking show[/caption]

TLCThe duo made a delicious-looking twice-baked potato casserole[/caption]

TLC shared a teaser of their Cooking With Just Christine episode on the network’s Instagram feed.

They made a crispy twice-baked potato casserole in a large oven-safe skillet.

In the clip, the Sister Wives stars were drooling over the idea of adding jalapenos to the casserole.

Each blonde took a scoop of the cheesy casserole and complimented the recipe as they chowed down.

In the video, Christine wore a flowy dark blue top, and Ysabel wore a complimentary white tank top and green shorts.

Fans can watch Cooking With Just Christine on TLC’s Facebook, YouTube channel, and website.


Fans of the reality television show loved to see Christine in her element with her daughter.

Many commented on how happy she appeared, especially now that she’s left Kody, 54.

Most importantly, many fans begged TLC to put Christine’s show on television instead of keeping it online.

One said: “I wish TLC would actually put this on their main TV broadcasts.”

Another said: “She is the smartest one… making a delegate name for herself with cooking and stuff… wise financial move.”

A third said: “Isabel has evolved into such a beautiful woman especially after all her scoliosis struggles. So glad she has u in her corner.”

Someone said: “I was never a fan of Christine till now. TLC imo portrayed her as an unhappy whiney crybaby always complaining. Now I realize her true personality. Proud of her.”

A fifth said: “Christine needs her own show! Her children are such a testament to what an amazing person/mother she is!”


Two weeks ago, Christine invited another one of her daughters Mykelti, 27, to join her on the cooking show.

The mother-daughter duo and Mykelti’s husband Tony, 29, created authentic street tacos with pico de gallo.

At the beginning of the clip, Christine’s daughter gushes that they could make their tacos “look pretty” which is her mom’s “favorite” thing to do with cooking.

Mykelti narrated as her mom drizzled some tomatillo sauce on the tacos to add flavor.

Finally, Christine squeezed a lime over her creation and said: “Done!”

All three family members showed off the impressive weight loss success that they’ve been working on for months.

TLCChristine and Ysabel gushed over the idea of adding jalapenos to the dish[/caption]

Instagram /tlcChristine previously invited her daughter Mykelti to her show[/caption]

Instagram /tlcMykelti, her husband Tony, and Christine all showed off their extreme weight loss[/caption]

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