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The View’s Sunny Hostin reveals true feelings on co-hosts while seemingly snubbing colleague during GMA appearance

The View’s Sunny Hostin reveals true feelings on co-hosts while seemingly snubbing colleague during GMA appearance

THE View star Sunny Hostin has revealed how she truly feels about her co-hosts during a new interview on Good Morning America.

The 54-year-old, who became a permanent co-host on the talk show in 2016, opened up about how she and her colleagues interact once they leave the table.

ABCThe View’s Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin appeared as guests on Good Morning America on Monday[/caption]

ABC/Jeff LipskySunny revealed her true feelings about all of her co-hosts during the interview[/caption]

On Monday, Sunny and Ana Navarro sat down with GMA’s Linsey Davis to discuss the new season of The View, which premiered last week.

Linsey asked the women to share the “secret sauce” behind The View’s success.

Ana went first, sharing: “To be on for 27 years is, in itself, epic. 

“And I think it’s Barbara Walters, part of her big legacy. 

“That she started this show for women, by women, with women, hearing our voices. The secret sauce? I’d tell you it’s authenticity.”

Sunny then jumped in to add her thoughts, saying:  “It’s the ladies. There are five of us. We love each other. 

“Despite what you may hear, we get along, even though we’re very different in many respects. 

“And we leave everything at the table after the discussion. And there’s so much to talk about.”

She went on: “I mean, our Hot Topics days, where we do all Hot Topics, they’re our highest rated. 

“Because people, for some reason, wanna hear what we have to say.”

Though the host mentioned there being “five ladies” on The View, there are currently six permanent hosts who take turns, with normally only five at the table at once.

Along with Sunny and Ana, Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Alyssa Farah Griffin also co-host the talk show.

Fans have often called out Sunny and Alyssa for their on-air feuding, including last week during a Hot Topics discussion.

Joy, who took over moderator responsibilities as Whoopi was out sick, had to cut to commercial as her colleagues duked it out.

Sunny and Alyssa were discussing former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and her involvement in the parents’ rights movement.

At one point, Sunny countered one of Alyssa’s points: “Do you know why that’s a problem? Because you take money away from the public schools—”

Alyssa quickly fired back: “Didn’t you go to private school?”

Her rival admitted: “I went to private school. I had the privilege of going to private school—”

Alyssa cut back in: “But then why shouldn’t all students have that access?”

Sunny began in response but co-host Joy interrupted the fighting panelists, insisting: “We’re going to have to go. We have to go. We can continue when we come back.”

The show then cut to a commercial as Alyssa appeared visibly annoyed at Sunny.

ABC/Jeff LipskyThe star insisted she and her co-hosts ‘love each other’[/caption]

ABCThe View fans have often called out Sunny and co-star Alyssa Farah Griffin for feuding on the talk show[/caption]

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