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GMA fans in tears as George Stephanopoulos’ wife Ali shares sweet tribute to daughter Elliott on milestone birthday

GMA fans in tears as George Stephanopoulos’ wife Ali shares sweet tribute to daughter Elliott on milestone birthday

ALI Wentworth has opened up about her feelings on her daughter’s birthday.

The comedian and television star took to Instagram on Saturday with a tribute for the older daughter she shares with Good Morning America star George Stephanopoulos, 62.

GettyAli Wentworth shared an emotional message as the older daughter she shares with George Stephanopoulos turned 21[/caption]

Instagram /therealaliwentworthThe star shared several pics of Elliott, alongside a loving caption describing the ‘fearless, brilliant’ young woman[/caption]

In the post, Ali, 58, shared several photos of Elliott from over the years as she marked her 21st birthday.

The pics showed Elliott exploring nature as a young girl, attending a women’s march as a young adult, and hanging out with her classmates at Brown University.

Alongside the social media post, Ali wrote: “When my eldest daughter, Elliott, was a baby, people would say- ‘they grow up so fast’… I was sleep-deprived and in pain from constant breastfeeding. It was an insane thought.

“But today- that baby girl is 21. And you know what? It’s true. They grow up so fast.

“I love this incredible, fearless, brilliant, beautiful woman. And I wish I could stick her back in the stroller for just one more day…”

In the comment section, Elliott wrote: “Love you so much mommy,” and also joked “Way to choose the most horrendous pics of my awkward stages.”

Fellow ABC star Deborah Roberts wished: “Awww. Happy birthday Elliot.”

“Happy birthday to your girl,” added Erielle Reshef.

A fan shared: “Oh Ali, this made me teary-eyed.So sweet! Your relationship with your girls is so special.”


Ali also shared her complex emotions about their younger daughter Harper, 18, at the end of last month when she headed off to college.

Along with a photo of herself and George walking away from the drop-off, she wrote: “We dropped our baby off at college. Everyone is saying ‘she’s ready to launch!’”

She continued: “But… I don’t think I’m ready! I don’t want to stop making pasta with vodka sauce, picking up wet towels, cuddling up to her familiar scent.”

The sad mama kept writing: “As Joni Mitchell once wrote- ‘the bed’s too big, the frying pan too wide.’ I know our daughter will thrive. But man, it’s brutal on the parents. If you feel inclined- please send me baked goods. I’ll be under my covers.”


Although Ali and George have had a difficult time with their children’s big milestones, Ali opened up about how they have plenty of fun together as a couple.

Ali filled in for Kelly Ripa during an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan in March, and brought up a story longtime producer Michael Gelman had presented to her.

“He handed me an article about how – I wonder if you guys have read about it because it went viral – how this couple saved their marriage by making out,” she said.

“So I guess she was really creeped out every time her husband touched her, which has never been the case for me.

“So they started this thing where they make out every night therapeutically for 30 to 60 seconds with no intention of going any further and that saved their marriage.”

“60 seconds of making out with someone is an eternity!” Host Ryan Seacrest exclaimed.

Ali fired back: “Not if you’re with someone you’re turned on by!”

They discussed how the makeout sessions could feel “obligatory,” and Ali brought up why it wouldn’t work for her.

“There’s no way I could make out with my husband without him wanting to go further,” she said in a joking tone.

“You know what I mean? Water, water, everywhere,” she said, with her hands in the air.

Instagram /therealaliwentworthAli reflected on how quickly children grow up, and tugged on the heartstrings of many of her followers[/caption]

Instagram/therealaliwentworthJust last month, Ali and George admitted it was ‘brutal’ as they sent their younger daughter Harper off for her first year of college[/caption]

therealaliwentworth/InstagramDespite the sad milestones, Ali previously opened up about her relationship with George, and hinted that they enjoy plenty of intimate moments together when alone[/caption]

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