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Little People star Audrey Roloff slammed for ‘dangerous’ parenting decision with daughter Ember, 5, in new video

Little People star Audrey Roloff slammed for ‘dangerous’ parenting decision with daughter Ember, 5, in new video

AUDREY Roloff has been slammed for putting her young daughter in a potentially dangerous situation.

The Little People, Big World star has been criticized for her parenting decisions in the past.

Instagram/@audreyroloffFans were concerned for Audrey Roloff’s daughter riding without a helmet[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffAudrey and Jeremy share three kids: “Ember, five; Bode, three; and Radley, one[/caption]

Audrey shared a new video of husband Jeremy Roloff speeding down the dirt path behind their rural home on an ATV.

As dad kicked up dirt, sitting behind him was five-year-old Ember, turning around and waving at her camera-toting mom.

Jeremy, 33, hardly kept his eyes on the road, nor his hands on the wheel, as he stared at some surrounding foliage.

Audrey, 32, tried to justify in the caption: “Lots of trips back and forth from Gigi and Papa’s to our house everyday.”

But fans were less interested in their destination, and more concerned for the fact little Ember was holding on without a helmet, or any other kind of visible protection.

“Why isn’t this kid wearing a helmet?” one person begged to know in an online chat room.

Another tacked on: “That also looks like quite a slope, so Ember’s going to be tilting backwards. Dad has handlebars to grip on to but Ember only has Dad’s loose t-shirt to grasp.”

A third cautioned: “This is EXACTLY how kids are hurt and killed all the time.”

While a fourth warned: “Omg, if that rolls, she’s dead. Why would they even risk that?! It doesn’t matter how slow. The thing would CRUSH her.”


The Roloff’s have been slammed before for letting their kids be unprotected on heavy farm equipment.

In July, Jeremy posted a self-shot video on his Instagram Stories that captured him operating a tractor on his property while son Radley, one, seemed to be left alone close by.

In the video, the TLC alum was shown using a tractor to clear space behind a large path of boulders.

Jeremy recorded himself dumping a load of dirt and gravel, maneuvering the heavy-duty machine backward, opening the door of the cab while still driving, to finally point his camera at Radley standing by himself inside the cab of an excavator.

Fans took exception to the hazardous situation Jeremy seemingly placed his one-year-old son in and rushed to a popular Reddit board dedicated to the reality TV family to discuss.

The forum post was titled: “This seems dangerous.”

The author posted a screengrab of the video and explained: “This is a still from a video Jeremy posted. He was moving huge rocks, then while backing up he opened the door to the cab to reveal Rad just chilling by himself in a different cab.”

They then asked: “Is this safe?”

In the comment thread, one person responded: “Would you leave your toddler in a car with an open door while you move your other vehicle? Same thing. Haha.”

They continued: “Honestly, this s**t is terrifying. This is precisely how heavy equipment accidents happen.”

Another fan wrote: “I think if he didn’t step away from him to snap content it would be different. It’s another thing to let him learn with another person RIGHT there. Personally living in a farm town accidents happen in the flash of an eye & especially with children it is absolutely devastating.

“Rad isn’t at an age yet where he can completely comprehend danger, safety and quickly follow direction if needed. It’s also a time when impulse is often acted on.”


That same month, Audrey was raked for her parenting choices, after fans were displeased she let her kids lick the raw batter from the homemade strawberry ice cream mix.

The LPBW alum posted a video on Instagram showing the process of making her own ice cream.

She shared her recipe which included raw milk, cream, and eggs.

Critics took to an online forum as they were skeptical about the recipe.

“This is a recipe for food poisoning!” one person said as another concerned user added: “She is going to poison her kids!”

A third person asked: “Did she add raw egg to ice cream? How does that taste good?”

“Drinking raw milk makes me nervous,” another reacted.

Audrey and Jeremy share three kids: “Ember, five; Bode, three; and Radley, one.

Instagram/@audreyroloffEmber sat as her dad drove in the dirt[/caption]

Instagram / Audrey RoloffAudrey let her kids lick the batter[/caption]

Radley played on a tractor

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