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Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown flees the country after heated fight with ex Kody that forced production to shut down

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown flees the country after heated fight with ex Kody that forced production to shut down

SISTER Wives star Janelle Brown has fled the country on a lavish vacation after a heated argument with her ex-Kody.

The rift between them is said to have gotten so intense that TLC was forced to shut down production on the show.

TLCSister Wives star Janelle Brown headed to Mexico after a heated argument with Kody[/caption]

TLCThe fight got so bad production on Sister Wives had to shut down[/caption]

Janelle, 54, posted a photo of luggage on her Instagram Story along with the caption: “Off to Mexico for a few days.

“I always swear I’m going to pack light!!! But well here we are.”

She has yet to share any more details of her trip or other vacation content.

The Sister Wives star’s trip South of the Border comes after a nasty fight with Kody while filming for TLC.

During Sunday’s episode of the reality show, Janelle was seen cursing at her ex and grabbing him as he attempted to exit the room.

The scene kicked off with Janelle and Kody, 54, sitting down in Arizona for a heavy conversation.

“I feel like I’m being gaslit,” Janelle began before Kody quickly cut her off.

“You’re using that because I used the term,” he fired back.


Janelle scoffed at Kody on the show, responding: “Oh, I came into this conversation expecting to use that term.

“‘Cause I feel like you are constantly gaslighting me.”

Kody paused for a moment before acknowledging that there’s a “problem” in the family, adding: “Everybody thinks I’m the bad guy.”

“I don’t expect to see anybody at Christmastime. I don’t expect to see you.”

Kody and Janelle share kids Logan, 29; Hunter, 26; Gabriel, 21; Garrison, 18; and daughters, Madison, 27, and Savanah, 18.

The father of 18 has strained relationships with all of the children he shares with Janelle.

Kody carried on during the argument, claiming that Janelle doesn’t “follow the rules and doesn’t take accountability.”

At that point, Janelle exploded, pointing a finger in his direction as she said: “Shut your f**king mouth and let me talk to you for a minute.”

“No, no, no, no,” he exclaimed, seemingly unable to handle the heat of their confrontation.

He got up from the couch to leave the room.

“You keep cutting me off,” Janelle went on.

Kody then tossed his jacket as he implied that all of their problems come down to Janelle.

“There is only a bitterness. What partnership do we have?” he asked.

Janelle responded: “Don’t you dare point your finger at me.”

They continued exchanging heated words before Kody stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Janelle demanded of producers: “Shut it off.”


Following news that all of Kody’s wives – save for Robyn Brown – have left him, a vast majority of Sister Wives viewers have begged the network to cancel the show.

Christine Brown was the first of Kody’s four wives to leave him, announcing the split in November 2021.

She has since moved to Utah and moved on with David Woolley.

Meri Brown and Janelle announced their respective splits from Kody during a Sister Wives special that aired in December.

It appears TLC has heard the complaints and they’re ready to take action.

Season 18 of Sister Wives premiered on August 20 – the same day Christine’s spinoff show, Cooking with Just Christine, made its debut on YouTube.

Cooking with Christine has featured cameos from Janelle and its clips are being shared by TLC on Instagram.

A source close to the famous family revealed to The U.S. Sun: “Christine’s Spinoff is a test to see fan reaction.

“TLC wants to see if people truly want to have a spinoff series on Christine and Janelle.

“If that’s the case, then it’s practically guaranteed that this will be the last season of Sister Wives.”

The source went on to say that the family’s story can be salvaged if a new sister wife is brought into the fold alongside Kody.

The insider said: “If he can find a new wife and keep his story going, there will be more Sister Wives seasons.

“If not, it’s going to come to an end and there will be a spinoff – or spinoffs – and the family will move on with their next adventure.”

Kody and his three ex-wives currently have little to no communication with one another and, according to a recent source, “the only time Kody and Robyn get together with the other wives is when they’re forced to film with them or show up for a special occasion for their children.”

Instagram/janellebrown117Janelle has shared very few details about her tropical getaway[/caption]

GettyJanelle, Christine Brown, and Meri Brown have all divorced Kody[/caption]

Instagram/TLCJanelle announced her split from Kody on a Sister Wives special in December[/caption]

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