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Teen Mom fans ‘heartbroken’ for Ryan Edwards’ kids and ex Maci Bookout after his medical emergency amid addiction battle

Teen Mom fans ‘heartbroken’ for Ryan Edwards’ kids and ex Maci Bookout after his medical emergency amid addiction battle

TEEN Mom fans have expressed heartbreak for Ryan Edwards’ kids after he suffered a medical emergency amid his addiction battle.

Maci Bookout detailed the scary incident during an episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

MTVTeen Mom fans expressed empathy for Ryan Edwards after his April overdose[/caption]

MTVMaci Bookout opened up about the scary incident on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter[/caption]

During Wednesday’s all-new episode of the MTV reality show, Maci, 32, revealed that Ryan, 35, opted to leave rehab after only two weeks despite the court mandating he be there.

Days later, he suffered an overdose and, according to the reality star, reviving him was no easy feat.

Ryan was given two doses of Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdoses, and was fully revived upon arriving at the hospital.

Snippets of the episode were shared on social media, where fans shared their thoughts on the health crisis.

Many appeared saddened and expressed empathy for the father of three.

One commenter wrote: “Maci is doing her best to try and to do right by Bentley by supporting the father of her child to have a healthy relationship with their son.

“She is doing it all for Bentley. She is falling apart because she can’t fix this for her baby. As a mother that is heartbreaking.”

Someone else wrote: “This was heartbreaking. These were some legit real feelings.”

A third commenter worried: “I just don’t think airing all of this is good for Bentley! Ryan hasn’t been a part of the show in a few seasons. I don’t think he should even be part of the show the way he ignored Bentley for years.”

Another echoed that, writing: “Poor Bentley.”

A fifth fan wrote: “Heart breaks for Bentley, he’s such a loving strong & smart bot. Watching them from the beginning to see that Ryan has so much support but repeatedly have issues is hard to see. Wishing them strength and courage.”

Someone else chimed in: “I used to hate Ryan but after seeing how depressed he is, it breaks my heart. I feel so bad for him & the entire family.

“I pray that he can overcome all of this & live in peace rather than rest in peace.”


Maci opened up about Ryan’s addiction battle, speaking about his overdose during the episode.

She said in a confessional: “When I found out that Ryan had overdosed, that’s truly the first time I was genuinely scared.

“Having to have that conversation with Bentley and just seeing that – I know how I felt hearing that, but Ryan’s not my dad. All of it is so hard.”

The 16 & Pregnant star got emotional as she continued, saying: “Bentley feels all of that times a million and he’s a kid. I think the biggest thing is making sure that Bentley was priority but as a mom, you can’t just get a bandaid.

“It’s so hard.”


Ryan himself has spoken several times about his addiction battle and its effects on his children on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

During an August episode of the show, the Tennessee native broke down while talking to his parents Jen and Larry Edwards after being released from jail.

His mother revealed during the conversation that she was in the midst of getting him into a rehabilitation facility, reminding him that he’s “worth it.”

Larry, for his part, begged his son to think of his three kids: Bentley, Jagger, and Stella.

The reality star grandfather made an emotional plea, begging: “Ryan, there’s Bentley, there’s Jagger, and there’s Stella – the love of your life. They might someday experience the same things that you are experiencing right now.

“Think about what she might go through – think about where she might wanna go – if you’re not there to protect her. Because I won’t be here forever. Son, you gotta start making some good decisions.”

Ryan sat quietly, shaking his head in agreement while holding back tears.

His father urged: “You promise? Promise?” to which his son vowed to do better.

The emotional moment left social media users emotional, with one writing on X: “Seeing Ryan get choked up when his dad mentioned Benny, Jagger, and Stella…Come on, Ryan. You can do this. Man, I have been so frustrated with him for years and now all I feel is concern. I want him to succeed.”

Someone else wrote: “Ryan’s dad had me crying last week and now Ryan has me crying this week.”

A third person wrote: “It’s nice to see Ryan’s parents actually willing to help him and finally admit to themselves that he needs to do better for his kids.

“Ryan needs all the support in his life. I really want to see him turn his life around.”

MTVViewers expressed worry for Bentley and Ryan’s other two children amid his addiction[/caption]

SplashRyan faced legal troubles for months beginning early this year[/caption]

MTVRyan got emotional on the show while discussing his kids and his struggles[/caption]

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