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How did Linda die on Blue Bloods and why did she leave the show?

How did Linda die on Blue Bloods and why did she leave the show?

POLICE drama Blue Bloods has been on screens since 2010, and seen many characters come and go.

But one beloved character’s shock death took fans by surprise – let’s take a look into how Linda Reagan, played by Amy Carlson, died.

Amy Carlson played Linda Reagan in the popular show

How did Linda Reagan die on Blue Bloods?

Linda’s character died in an off screen helicopter crash between seasons six and seven of Blue Bloods.

Her son mentioned his mother’s death in the episode Cutting Losses while speaking to his therapist.

Her character was killed off due to actress Amy Carlson deciding not to renew her contract.

But the sudden death threw many fans for a loop, with one tweeting: “Wait… what?! Linda is dead? This is so confusing…”

Another said: “10 minutes into the Blue Bloods season premiere and Linda’s dead!? Way to casually slip that info in there.”

Why did actress Amy Carlson leave Blue Bloods?

Actress Amy Carter decided to leave the series after the sixth season for a rather normal reason.

Her contract had not been renewed, so she decided to step back and pursue other projects.

Other cast members had contracts expire at the seventh season but opted to resign.

What other shows has Amy Carlson appeared in?

Amy has made many appearances on other shows, mainly crime ones, such as Blue Bloods.

She’s been in Third Watch, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, FBI: Most Wanted, NCIS, Green Lanter, Get Real, and A Bread Factory.

She began her acting career in 1993, when she made her acting debut on soap Another World.

Amy lives in New York with her long-time partner Syd Butler, and has two children.

Who is in the cast of Blue Bloods?

Since the beginning of Blue Bloods, Donnie Wahlberg has been a part of the show’s cast.

Bridget Moynahan portrays Blue Bloods character Erin Reagan.

William Estes Nipper has portrayed the role of New York City Police Department officer, Jameson “Jamie” Reagan, since 2010.

Legendary actor Tom Selleck portrays the role of Frank Reagan on the popular crime show.

Andrew Terraciano is an American actor and model who is famously known for his portrayal of Sean Reagan on Blue Bloods.

Alongside Andrew Terraciano is his real-life brother Tony Terraciano, 21, who portrays the role of Jack Reagan, Sean’s brother.

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