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Who killed Attica in Top Boy season 4?

Who killed Attica in Top Boy season 4?

TOP Boy is unleashing its fifth and final series, with fans dying to find out how the hit show will conclude.

However, in season 4 fans were left shocked when Attica was killed off.

Attica (left) has been killed off on Top Boy

Who was Attica in Top Boy?

WARNING: The below contains spoilers from Top Boy season 4

Ats Ayittey (short for Attica) was a young dealer for Summerhouse and is played by Keiyon Cock in Top Boy.

He is was only 12-years-old and still attended school.

Ats got involved with drug dealing after his mum Amma lost her job and couldn’t afford the rent.

His best friend was Stefan, who is rival gang leader Jamie’s little brother.

Who killed Attica in Top Boy?

Ats became the latest victim of Hackney’s turf war, in light of Jamie and Dushane’s plan to set Ats up.

For the majority of season 4, the Summerhouse gang, led by Jaq, were searching for Ats’ killer.

They got their hands on CCTV footage which showed a young woman pushing Ats into a yellow car.

When gang found the woman, she said that she was paid to befriend Ats and then take him to someone called Dexter.

Having spotted Dexter’s car, Kit insisted on double-checking it was really him before getting Dushane involved.

He went inside the garage alone to speak to Dexter which is when it was revealed that Kit was behind Ats’ murder all along.

After being responsible for Jamie going to prison, Kit wanted to get his revenge on Ats and so hired Dexter to scare him as a punishment.

Unfortunately, one thing led to another and Dexter ending up killing the youngster which wasn’t part of the plan.

Ats’ body was found left in a dumpster.

What else has actor Keiyon Cook starred in?

Top Boy was Keiyon’s first acting job.

The young actor made his debut on the show when it returned for season 3.

Following his Top Boy exit, he appeared in the short film The Mourning Bird.

Due to him being a fan favourite on Top Boy, this rising star is bound to see the acting jobs pour in.

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