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Wheel of Fortune execs want Vanna White’s still-unresolved contract to be ‘her last’ amid Pat Sajak’s retirement

Wheel of Fortune execs want Vanna White’s still-unresolved contract to be ‘her last’ amid Pat Sajak’s retirement

WHEEL of Fortune staff has pushed for Vanna White’s still-unfinalized contract to be her last- according to new reports.

The legendary letter-turner, 66, still has not resolved her pay raise demands, just weeks before the game show’s return on September 11.

GettyWheel of Fortune execs reportedly ‘want Vanna White’s next contract to be her last contract’[/caption]

GettyThe game show wants wiggle room to ‘look for her replacement in a few years’ following Pat Sajak’s retirement- a source claimed[/caption]

Vanna is still in the throes of her Wheel of Fortune contract war, and execs have hinted they may look elsewhere once it’s done with.

The upcoming 41st season is historic, as it marks Pat Sajak’s last as host before he retires and Ryan Seacrest takes over.

It is also Vanna’s last season per her current contract, which runs until 2024 when Pat retires, according to Deadline.

A source close to the show claimed to Daily Mail: “Everyone wants something achieved and wouldn’t want Pat’s last year hampered by the constant news of the revolving contract dispute drama.

“They want to celebrate this year with little to no drama whatsoever.”


However, according to this insider, producers want Vanna’s new contract to be the last time they come to the table with her.

“They want her next contract, though, to be her last contract,” the source claimed.

“So there is a little more maneuverability to change things up in a few years when they look for her replacement.”

According to the source, Vanna is still looking for a raise in 2024 – and a “tremendous” one at that.

“It is a matter of who is going to budge first, but they both aren’t blinking yet.

“Vanna wants to go out on her terms and retire when she is ready with a nice paycheck to end it all.”

“Wheel wants to make the transition between Pat [Sajak] and Ryan [Seacrest] seamless, and having Vanna there would be wonderful to make that all happen.

“Everyone is in a wait-and-see mode, but to Vanna’s favor, at least she is talking with producers, and there is some progress with it all.”


Vanna has been Pat’s counterpart at the puzzle board since 1982 and the new season began filming this summer.

However, Vanna will miss a few episodes of Wheel of Fortune this fall, it was revealed earlier this month.

Vanna contracted Covid-19 in late July while Wheel was filming its annual Teachers Week, which is scheduled to air in October.

Instead of halting production, producers decided to bring in a sub, according to Puck News.

They contacted Teacher of the Year recipient Bridgette Donald-Blue, to replace Vanna on the letter board for the week of episodes.

Vanna’s absence from the show will be her first in nearly 30 years- and third time since she began.

But a source told TV Line the Wheel had no choice in not waiting for Vanna to recuperate.

The insider explained that production on Teachers Week was forced to continue without Vanna because of the set-in-stone schedule.

They shared: “Teachers had already arrived in L.A. to tape the episodes and, with the academic school year starting, it was not feasible to reschedule that day.”

The source continued: “In keeping with the Teachers Week theme, Bridgette Donald-Blue graciously agreed fill in for Vanna for those five episodes.”

Wheel kept Vanna on the board for the second tape day of the special to accommodate Vanna’s absence.

Thus, Vanna will be out for one week’s episodes but not the entire two-week stretch.


The longtime letter-turner is demanding a hefty raise after Pat’s retirement in negotiations that are still unsettled.

Vanna wants a well-earned pay bump as she reportedly makes half of what Pat makes now and hasn’t gotten a raise in 18 years.

TMZ previously confirmed that Vanna makes about $3 million annually.

According to the outlet, Pat makes about $15 million annually.

Sources told People: “50 percent of Pat’s salary is so outrageous that no one in their right mind could say that it’s fair.

The negotiation is asking for much more than 50 percent of his salary. It’s asking for the same pay – if not more.”

Negotiations between Vanna and Sony have become “very difficult,” an insider close to the situation also told TMZ.

Another source claimed the hostess “feels like it’s a statement for all women” and is reportedly negotiating for “a minimum of what is fair.”

It’s been reported by TMZ that Vanna settled for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune; she’ll make $100,000 per episode while Pat makes $400,000.


On June 12, 2023, Pat told fans in a personal note on Twitter: “Well, the time has come. I’ve decided that our 41st season, which begins in September, will be my last.

“It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’ll have more to say in the coming months.”

Pat will host until June 2024, when he will step down in place of Seacrest.

Ryan, 42, shared in a statement reveling in the news: “I can’t wait to continue the tradition of spinning the wheel and working alongside the great Vanna White.”

Meanwhile, many fans have grown fond of Pat’s daughter Maggie – the show’s social media correspondent.

She has stepped in for Vanna twice previously to turn letters; once when Vanna hosted and again when she was a Celebrity contestant.

Instagram / Ryan SeacrestVanna’s contract once Ryan Seacrest takes over is still unresolved and she reportedly still wants a ‘tremendous’ raise[/caption]

GettyFans think Pat’s daughter Maggie Sajak could be the next Vanna when she steps down or if an agreement post-2024 can’t be reached[/caption]

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