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Sherri Shepherd flaunts her ‘whole butt’ in see-through dress as pal Niecy Nash savagely calls out wardrobe malfunction

Sherri Shepherd flaunts her ‘whole butt’ in see-through dress as pal Niecy Nash savagely calls out wardrobe malfunction

Instagram/sherrieshepherdBUTT OUT Sherri Shepherd flaunts her ‘whole butt’ in see-through dress as pal Niecy Nash savagely calls out wardrobe malfunction, , taken without permission : https://www.instagram.com/p/CwXuYsKBCrz/[/caption]

SHERRI Shepherd has stepped out in a racy outfit showing off her “whole butt” as actress Niecy Nash savagely called out the wardrobe malfunction.

The 56-year-old actress and comedian wore a crochet see-through dress and posted a hilarious video on her Instagram while out on the streets of Los Angeles with her bestie, Niecy, 53.

Instagram/sherrieshepherdSherri Shepherd stepped out on the town wearing a see-through crochet dress[/caption]

Instagram/sherrieshepherdHer bestie Niecy Nash pointed out the racy detail in a hilarious video[/caption]

In the video, Niecy was walking behind Sherri filming on her phone and zoomed into the crochet detail on her exposed butt.

Niecy said: “Excuse me, wait.”

Pointing to the skin visible through the crochet holes, Niecy said: “This is your butt showing through these holes.

“That’s your whole butt.”

Sherri jumped as Niecy poked through one of the holes with her finger and shrieked: “Yes! And your nails are hurting me.”

Niecy wouldn’t let up as she approached Sherri’s derriere again and said: “But wait a minute, let me see what’s going on.”

Poking her skin again, Niecy exclaimed: “This is your butt! That’s your butt!”

Laughing, Sherri exclaimed: “Those nails, hurt! And that’s on my butt flesh.”

Sherri captioned the video: “When your bestie won’t leave you alone! Miss my LA crew.”

The talk show host quoted “Das Yo Butt!” from the video and added a laughing emoji.


It’s not the first near wardrobe malfunction Sherri has passed.

Earlier this month, the one button that kept her shirt closed in a video almost came undone during a groove session on the dance floor.

Sherri was dancing in a clip she posted on Instagram, and her one-button sweater revealed some major side-boob.

With her energetic dance moves, if she made one wrong step, the button could have come undone.

Sherri announced in her post: “It’s HOT in these streets! So pop open a couple buttons and dance!”

The television host asked: ‘Who’s going to join me for S2 of #sherrishowtv?

“… Can’t wait to see you!”


Sherri recently took to Instagram to tease more news about her upcoming talk show season.

The former panelist from The View danced around in different outfits to showcase some of what fans would be seeing when the new season arrives.

Sherri captioned her video: “NEW season activated, more to come!”

“Hey everybody, I know you’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting, so finally, we’re back!”

“This is a sneak peek of Season 2,” the talk show host explained.

Sherri gushed: “We got a new photo shoot, a new opening, we got the whole team!”

“Anyway, I gotta go, but I can’t wait to see you! Bye!” she said as she peeked out of a doorway where she was getting made up by her glam squad and promised “more to come.”

Instagram/sherrieshepherdNiecy ranted that Sherri’s ‘whole butt’ was ‘showing through’ the holes[/caption]

GettySherri gushed over her ‘bestie’ Niecy and the funny clip[/caption]

GettySherri has been busy preparing for the upcoming season of her talk show[/caption]

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