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GMA’s George Stephanopoulos and Lara Spencer reveal shocking connection between daughters as teens celebrate milestone

GMA’s George Stephanopoulos and Lara Spencer reveal shocking connection between daughters as teens celebrate milestone

GOOD Morning America notables George Stephanopoulos and Lara Spencer have much in common when it comes to their respective children’s similarities to each other.

George and Lara’s separate daughters, Harper and Kate, have crossed paths amid their simultaneous accomplishments.

GMAGood Morning America star Lara Spencer recently dropped her daughter Kate off at Vanderbilt University[/caption]

GMALara’s co-star George Stephanopoulos and his wife Ali Wentworth also dropped their daughter Harper off at Vanderbilt[/caption]

George, 62, and his wife Ali Wentworth, 58, recently dropped their 18-year-old daughter Harper off at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, for her first year of college.

Likewise, Lara, 54, brought her daughter, Kate, to Vanderbilt University since she, too, is beginning her freshman year at the campus.

Comparatively, Harper’s parents have been more outspoken in regard to the young adult leaving the nest to pursue higher learning.

Ali took to Instagram on Monday to express how she felt about her youngest child going to an out-of-state college.

“We dropped our baby off at college. Everyone is saying ‘she’s ready to launch’! But… I don’t think I’m ready!..,” she captioned under a post of her and George holding hands as they walked through Vanderbilt.

“…. I know our daughter will thrive. But man, it’s brutal on the parents.”

George’s feelings somewhat paralleled his wife’s.

“It’s a major life change,” George told the official blog for GMA.

“It’s a huge adventure for Harper. She’s never lived in Nashville before, and the campus was amazing.”

Thankfully, Harper won’t be alone in a new city.

George revealed that Kate and Harper had met up before school started, and happened to share a class together in the upcoming semester.


George proves in more ways than one why he’s such a stellar dad to his two daughters Harper, and Elliot, 20, – the latter is currently a student at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

He added glitter and a quirky accessory to the outfit that he donned when he went to see Taylor Swift, 33, perform at a stop on her Eras Tour.

Ali inundated her Instagram timeline with two photo dumps.

One social media slide show was filled with snaps of her, George, and their daughters, Harper and Elliott, getting prepared for Taylor’s concert.

Meanwhile, the other photo dump had clips of the Stephanopoulos family having fun together at Taylor’s concert and snaps of the performance.

Ali snuck in a pic of George all gussied up in the photo dump that showed them before the concert.

The TV personality sported a cowboy hat that had a picture of Taylor with singer Gracie Abrams, 23, a performer on the Eras Tour.

He had his arms crossed in front of him, showing off the back of his hands.

On one of George’s hands was the number 13 written in red glitter, and on the other was the number 21 written in blue glitter.

The news anchor had a huge smile spread on his face in the photo.


A month after, George had fans singing him high praises after an adorable daddy-daughter moment was shared on social media.

Ali released a throwback snap of him side-hugging their daughter Harper on prom night on Instagram.

For the pre-prom pic, Harper sported a modest sleeveless peach-colored dress that showed zero cleavage and fell past her knees.

The teen’s pale yellow floral corsage contrasted nicely with her bright-colored prom gown.

George sported a complementary outfit to Harper, consisting of khaki slacks and a pale blue button-down shirt.

From how the ABC anchor was dressed, it appeared as if he was escorting Harper to the formal high school event.

However, Ali clarified in the post that this wasn’t the case.

“Round 2. Again, not her date…,” Ali captioned the image.

Fans overwhelmed Ali’s comment section with compliments, and some celebrated him for not allowing his daughter to mature too fast.

“Finally, a young lady with an appropriate dress! Great picture,” one person lauded.

Another added: “Beautiful girl and such a proud dad!” while one said, “Beautiful picture of father and daughter. Love it.”

GMAGeorge revealed that Harper and Kate met up prior to school starting[/caption]

GMAGeorge also confessed that Harper and Kate share a class together[/caption]

GettyGeorge and Lara are now both officially ’empty-nesters’[/caption]

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