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Bigg Boss star Pooja Bhatt reacts to rumours she’ll star in season 17 & reveals what she did first after leaving OTT 2

Bigg Boss star Pooja Bhatt reacts to rumours she’ll star in season 17 & reveals what she did first after leaving OTT 2

BIGG Boss star Pooja Bhatt has broken her silence on whether she’ll be part of the show’s upcoming season 17.

The actress, 51, also revealed what was the first thing on her list after her exit from OTT 2.

Pooja Bhatt reacted to rumours on whether she’ll star in season 17 of Bigg Boss

JIO CinemaShe described her time on the game show as ‘an emotional marathon’[/caption]

“I don’t know. I haven’t switched on my phone yet,” she told ETimes TV

“I’ll go home to my four cats first.

“But I never say never in my life. So let’s see.”

The Indian film producer described her time on Bigg Boss as “an emotional marathon”.

“It is quite intimidating to see so many people but it is a great sense of victory having completed these eight weeks,” she said.

“It was an emotional marathon.

“The pre-conceived notions that people have about Bigg Boss that if you go there you get humiliated, you get into fights and you got to be aggressive, brash, rude, all these are just myths.

“It is a very dignified game. The show is not encouraging you to fight. But people come with the thought that to stand out you need to be loud or brash.”

She added: “I learned that the only way to go through in the show is to be real.

“It is easier said than done, but for me it means meet each other with love and grace.

“If you use truth like a weapon it can be worse than a lie.”

The Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin star added that she went into the competition with an open heart and has left with an overflowing one.

“I have made some relationships that will last for life,” Pooja said.

“Starting with Bebika who is a child that the universe has given me, the underdog, who has done so marvelously.

“There was nothing size zero about her, not mental, physical, or emotional.

“It’s amazing to me that I came out of the house and the last face I saw was hers.

“I had told her in week two that the day I go out of the house, I wanted her to be the last person I said goodbye to – and it happened.”

Throughout Bigg Boss OTT 2, Pooja mentioned a number of times how she took up the show to test herself.

She opened up about her her kicking alcoholism, why she did not have any children, her failed marriage, and her past financial struggles.

In an interview following her exit from the programme, Pooja hit back at her critics who said she had an “agenda”, explaining how she has always been vocal about everything in life.

“A lot of people would talk to the camera there, I never did that,” she told Indian Express.

“I wasn’t speaking on it or to it, I wasn’t even trying to project myself.

“I was just being me and if that was not good enough for India, then that’s a price I was willing to pay. But I can’t become someone else to please somebody. I wasn’t playing to a gallery.

“Some did come to the show saying they have to prove to people, they didn’t last. Because their agenda was different, and I had no agenda. You cannot play a victim card.” 

GettyPooja revealed details on her failed marriage with restaurant owner Manish Makhija[/caption]

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