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American Pickers fans slam show guest who tries to ‘one-up’ Mike Wolfe and rage ‘she drives me nuts!’

American Pickers fans slam show guest who tries to ‘one-up’ Mike Wolfe and rage ‘she drives me nuts!’

AMERICAN Pickers fans have slammed a show guest who tried to haggle with Mike Wolfe.

Mike, 59, visited a collector who had a large collection of gas pumps and signs and retro oil cans during Wednesday’s episode.

History ChannelAmerican Pickers fans have slammed a show guest who tried to haggle with Mike Wolfe[/caption]

History ChannelA collector of oil cans bargained with Mike over a particular item[/caption]

Looking through the woman’s collection, he said: “Whether it’s a gas pump or an oil can, all of this stuff has gone up in value so much in the past 10 years.”

The American Pickers host picked up a particular oil can and said to her: “In this condition, I’d pay $1,500. I think the can is worth $2,000.”

The woman hesitated and said: “I know [my husband] didn’t pay much for that can but he thought it was worth like $2,500.

“I’m thinking $2,500 that’s what he thought it would be worth, at least to a collector.”

Mike praised her haggling in a confessional, saying: “Between all the flea markets the auctions, th picking trips she’s been on with her husband…

“She’s been in and out of the art of the deal, I can tell that. I love it when she’s tough on prices. It shows her appreciation for this stuff and heer husband’s passion.”

Back in the woman’s shop, Mike was still negotiating over the oil can.

The History Channel star said: “See I think the value is between 2 and 25… so how about $1,700?”

The woman paused and looked undecided, before suggesting: “Uh.. want to go somewhere in the middle, say $1,850?”

They eventually decided on $1,800 and shook hands on the deal.

While many fans praised the collector’s bargaining powers, some were less than impressed with the back and forth.

One viewer wrote on Instagram: “People like her drive me nuts.”

Another added: “She had no idea what she had so she upped it $1k lol. If he had offered $500 she would have asked for $1k.”


Mike recently returned home after enjoying an idyllic vacation in Hawaii with his model girlfriend, Leticia Cline.

The duo – who were also joined by Leticia’s mom and Mike’s daughter Charlie – went to a black sand beach in Hana, Maui.

The group also enjoyed a helicopter ride around the sea cliffs of Molokai.

Mike’s idyllic getaway came amid backlash against his antique store and his show’s plummeting ratings.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed Mike’s Iowa store is struggling with low sales.

He owns Antique Archaeology with stores located in Le Claire, Iowa, and Nashville, Tennessee

The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal Antique Archaeology in Iowa’s estimated annual sales, per Experian’s Business Valuation Report. 

Antique Archaeology’s estimated annual sales are reportedly $62,000.

The company’s Business Credit Score is 23, which is said to be a medium-high risk. 

The report read: “This score predicts the likelihood of serious credit delinquencies within the next 12 months.”

As for the Financial Stability Risk Ratings, Antique Archaeology received a medium risk of three out of five rating.

The report claimed: “This rating predicts the likelihood of payment default and/or bankruptcy within the next 12 months.”


Mike has previously been slammed by customers for selling over-priced items and merchandise that aren’t actual antiques.

One disgruntled customer recently wrote on Google Reviews regarding the Iowa store: “Seriously there was only a handful of stuff that had been potentially picked. The rest of it was cheap Chinese-branded merchandise used to promote the store.

“I get it’s a tourist trap, but come on, at least do better than that. I would have happily dropped hundreds of dollars in there if it was something really cool. Instead, it was like three things that had been picked ranging from $200 to $4,000.”

A second customer commented: “This is more of a souvenir shop for the show. Not many antiques at all.”

The backlash comes amid increasingly low viewers ratings for American Pickers.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that ratings dropped by another 100,000 viewers for episode three of the new season.

Just 713,000 viewers tuned in to the installment, compared to 918,000 for the premiere episode.

History ChannelMike praised the woman for being ‘tough on prices’[/caption]

History ChannelHe hosts American Pickers with his brother Robbie and Danielle Colby[/caption]

Instagram/mikewolfeamericanpickerHe recently went to Hawaii with his girlfriend Leticia Cline[/caption]

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