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Kardashian fans wince after they spot ‘painful’ looking detail about Kim’s nether regions on her wild night out in LA

Kardashian fans wince after they spot ‘painful’ looking detail about Kim’s nether regions on her wild night out in LA

KARDASHIAN fans have been left wincing in pain over a detail in recent photos of Kim snapped during a night out.

The Hulu star is frequently pictured in form-fitting outfits or pieces made of latex, but now they’re causing concern among fans.

BackGridKim Kardashian has been slammed for frequently wearing spandex outfits[/caption]

BackGridSome critics worry the outfits are constricting her important body parts[/caption]

BackGridOther critics lamented her fashion choices as ‘boring’[/caption]

On Reddit, Kardashian fans shared photos of the 42-year-old rocking a skintight spandex outfit during a weekend outing.

The look was strikingly similar to others she’s worn as of late and it appears people are getting bored with the style.

Some commenters worried that the tight spandex may be compressing some very important body parts of Kim‘s.

One wrote: “Her poor vagina.”

A second noted that “her buttcrack is gone and she’s in leggings.”

They went on to wonder: “How many layers do you have to wear until you have a monobutt[?]”

Someone else pointed out: “Her a** suddenly looks waaaaay smaller.”

Another commented: “This is such a weird thing to put yourself through for no reason lol. Shapear under skin-tight clothes to a concert/club…no wonder she always looks uncomfortable at these types of events. She’s got no rhythm AND she can’t move lol.”

Other critics slammed her pension for skintight monochromatic looks.

“I’m convinced she wears these boring AF skin-tight outfits because they’re the closest to walking around naked as she can get,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Sooo boring! With all that money and moreover experience with the fashion industry, why wouldn’t she be able to put together something more interesting herself by now!!! So frustrating, especially because she’s so visible publicly all the time… rich people can be eccentric and impractical and show off crazy collections and tailoring… grey dull yawn.”

“Why can’t she ever actually wear something fashionable but casual? Tight bodysuits all the time just aren’t ittttt,” a third hater wrote.

BackGridKim wore a grey spandex outfit during a night out over the weekend[/caption]


Kim originally showed off the outfit on Saturday, taking to her Instagram Stories to showcase her tiny frame in the spandex ensemble.

The Kardashians star teased her long legs while strutting across the floor in knee-high pink western-style boots.

She went on, sharing another snapshot showing off her slim figure as she accessorized with a silver necklace.

Kim also posted close-ups of her boots and a fancy Chanel bag, which also comes in purple.


Earlier this month, the Skims mogul stepped out in an all-tan outfit that fans noticed bore a striking resemblance to looks her ex Kanye West‘s current wife Bianca Censori has been sporting as of late.

After the Chicago rapper and his architect love were seen out in Italy, with the latter wearing several outfits that appeared to be made of stocking material, Kim stepped out in a copycat look.

She was seen wearing a tan tank top, leggings, and sandals.

Her entire outfit was skintight and every piece was exactly the same color.

The outfit accentuated her famous curves and her shrinking waist.

When fans on Reddit got a hold of the photos and immediately started comparing her to Bianca. 

One said: “Kim trying to show Bianca up?”

Another said: “Bianca doesn’t need three layers of Spanx.”

To which a third replied: “Yeah, it’s almost like she purposely wears the sheer fabric to show that she doesn’t need the shapewear.”

InstagramShe has been spotted wearing a number of different catsuits and other tight outfits[/caption]

TikTok/kimkardashianKim isn’t afraid to show off her famous figure[/caption]

Kim Kardashian/InstagramShe often opts for tight ensembles, highlighting her big butt and tiny waist[/caption]

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