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Jeopardy! host Stephen Fry looks dapper in first photos of UK spinoff as iconic setpiece gets drastic change

Jeopardy! host Stephen Fry looks dapper in first photos of UK spinoff as iconic setpiece gets drastic change

JEOPARDY! is headed across the pond this fall for a new U.K. edition hosted by Stephen Fry.

The beloved British actor looked dressed for success in the first on-set photos, but fans spotted that the iconic clue board got a complete overhaul.

Jeopardy! UKStephen Fry looked well dressed and excited on the new Jeopardy! U.K. stage[/caption]

Jeopardy! UKThe actor – who is a big deal overseas – is hosting Jeopardy!’s only spinoff, which debuts in October[/caption]

Jeopardy!Some hardcore fans were shocked to see the U.K. version’s centerpiece clue board changed to one giant screen instead of separate monitors[/caption]

The U.K. version of Jeopardy! was announced earlier this year with Stephen, 65, as host.

Now, fans can finally see what the game show’s only current spin-off will look like when it debuts.

In the two photos, Stephen donned a winning look, standing at the host podium.

He donned a snazzy patterned tie, a full suit, some facial hair, and a quizzical smile looking excited to dole out clues and cash.

The U.K. version will be titled Jeopardy! with 20 hour-long episodes greenlit on the network ITV.

The spinoff will allow participants to play an extra round compared to the original format and air during the daytime.

U.K. Jeopardy! will premiere in October 2023.


The set design looks similar to what fans are used to, with the notable title font looking the same.

But aside from having a longer runtime- the iconic clue board, which has always been made up of little individual screens, was replaced.

Instead, as seen in the snaps, there’s one giant monitor where all of the clues will be displayed for the first time.

While the categories each get their own screen, the clues below them are one large monitor.

Some traditionalists didn’t love minor but noticeable visual change and feared it was a test drive for the long-running U.S. version.

One fan posted on X: “One large screen looks boring and generic. Also the picture quality is subpar.”

Another defended: “If Wheel of Fortune can update their puzzle board to a single monitor, why not Jeopardy?”

To which a third wrote: “I’m sure it’s in the cards for the next set update.

Hell, with the ideas [Executive Producer] Michael Davies is considering to making the game easier to follow, a seamless board would open up a lot of options.”

A fourth didn’t mind the change as much: “It’s not like Mayim has to go and hit the panels with a pointer like a 1920s schoolmarm to reveal the question.”

A fifth wrote: “UK viewer here. I’m just hoping it’s a success because I want to see the then surely inevitable International Masters or whatever they’d call it!”

In 2022 Wheel of Fortune replaced its classic puzzle board with one giant monitor, which Vanna White technically doesn’t need to press- the letters change from the control room.

While Jeopardy! changing its iconic clue board wouldn’t have the same implications; the show prides itself on its integrity and staying the same after all these years.


Stephen said in a statement after the news dropped in spring that he’s a fan of the long-running show and is ready to go.

“Whenever I’m in America, I do my damnedest to catch it every weekday. The idea of hosting it here in the UK makes me dizzy with delight.

“Such a dedicated quizzing nation as ours will, I hope, welcome this uniquely beguiling and endlessly rewarding game.”

Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik split hosting Jeopardy! and Ken shared his thoughts on the news in a hilariously humble post.

He wrote: “Nothing gives you imposter syndrome quite like sharing a job description with Stephen Fry…”


As The U.S. Sun broke down in the video above, Stephen was born in Hampstead, London, in 1957 and is an actor, author, and comedian.

He shot to fame as one half of the comic double act Fry and Laurie with collaborator and best friend Hugh Laurie.

The pair – who have remained friends over the years – became pals at Cambridge University.

Aside from comedy, Stephen is also a talented actor and won a Golden Globe for his lead performance in the 1997 film Wilde.

His other big movie roles include Gosford Park (2001), The Hobbit (2013), and Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016).

QI (short for Quite Interesting) is a British comedy panel game quiz show and he was its original host, helming the series from 2003 until 2016.

Stephen is also an author and has released 17 books over the years.

Stephen wed comedian and writer Elliott Spencer, who is 30 years his junior, back in 2015.

In February 2018, Stephen revealed that he had spent two months secretly battling prostate cancer.

He confirmed that he underwent a life-saving operation in January 2018 and was now cancer-free.


It’s been 30 years since Jeopardy! has had a U.K. version.

Originally airing all the way back in 1983, there have been four versions of the series in the U.K., with the latest wrapping up in 1996.

Meanwhile, Jeopardy! in the states is facing criticism from stars like James Holzhauer for filming its upcoming season after summer hiatus without writers by reusing past clues.

The new series in the U.S. is seemingly not affected by Hollywood’s dual strikes here.

GettyOne Jeopardy! fan wrote: ‘One large screen looks boring and generic.’ Others are worried replacing the clue board is now ‘in the cards’ in the U.S.[/caption]

Wheel Of FortuneThis comes as Wheel of Fortune switched out its iconic puzzle board in 2022, and Vanna White doesn’t press the letters[/caption]

YouTube/Jeopardy!Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings host Jeopardy! after Alex Trebek’s passing[/caption]

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