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Kylie Jenner shows off real curves in a very tiny bikini for rare unedited video in sister Khloe’s birthday tribute

Kylie Jenner shows off real curves in a very tiny bikini for rare unedited video in sister Khloe’s birthday tribute

KYLIE Jenner has shown off her curves in a tiny white bikini while standing in a pool in a new video clip.

The 26-year-old celebrated her birthday on Thursday and got in on some fun videos with the rest of the family.

Kylie Jenner showed off her curvy frame in a new Snapchat videoSnapchat

She and Kim participated in some skits during the video, one of which found Kylie in a white bikiniGetty Images

In the video, Kylie stands completely drenched in a white bikini, lit dimly by blue light.

The swimsuit barely clings to her voluptuous frame in the few second she’s on-screen.

She’s imitating sister Kim, who was seen crying after losing an earring when she went swimming.

Kim Kardashian walks out and mouths sister Kourtney Kardashian’s infamous line “Kim, there’s people that are dying,”

The scene then shifts to Kim, dressed as Khloe, mouthing along to another quote from Kourt.

“You know what I think your issue is?” she asks Kylie as she opens up the fridge.

Kylie, dressed in black sunglasses and a black trenchcoat, tries to reply.

“No, I’m gonna tell you what your issue is,” her elder sister snaps back.

The final scene of the Snapchat video is one of Kylie pretending to hold her sister’s hair back out of the toilet as she pretends to throw up.

“It’s disgusting to be related to you,” she says as she shakes her head. “


Meanwhile, Kylie advertised her latest makeup product with a sultry new photo.

The Hulu star posed for a revealing Instagram shot posted on the official Kylie Cosmetics page yesterday.

In the photoKylie, 25, smoldered into the camera while wearing her new Gloss Drip product, which she trademarked earlier this year.

The mother of two wore neutral eye makeup with dewy skin, placing the emphasis on her super-shiny, dusty pink pout.

Kylie had her dark hair down in a wet-look effect, and held an anthurium lily that seemed to be dripping gloss onto her.

She opted for a completely sheer tank top, beneath which her nude bra was visible.

The reality TV star’s chest was covered by glossy drops, while one seemed to be dropping from her lips onto her chin.

The social media post was captioned: “One more day until our three new gloss drips launch tomorrow at 9am pst. Kylie wears playfully pink.”


While Kylie has been busy promoting her new makeup drop, fans have voiced mixed opinions about the product’s appearance and bold marketing.

Last week, one fan reshared a screenshot of Kylie’s makeup to a popular Kardashian internet forum.

The Reddit user captioned the post with: “I do love Kylie and all… but tell me how her gloss product doesn’t look cheap.”

“I like some of the photos for this promotion! This product does look a little childish and cheap-ish, though,” a second agreed.

A third pointed out: “Looks like a TikTok business.”

A fourth asked: “The marketing is just totally off. I don’t understand the insistence on the constant male gaze aesthetic when the main people who they are selling to are women??”

A fifth responded: “Yes. And the promo photo doesn’t even come close to matching the packaging! The photo is so sexy and sultry, while the packaging looks like something you’d pick up as a pre-teen at Claire’s. It just doesn’t work.”


This month, Kylie unveiled her latest collab: miniature Bratz Dolls vof herself in her most popular looks.

In light of the super successful Barbie movie, fans on Twitter shared their feelings that the timing of The Kardashians star’s Bratz collaboration was a mistake.

One said: “They saw Barbie getting that $1billion and had to act quickly!!”

Someone else said: “The way I loved Bratz better than Barbie until now.”

A third said: “I seriously hope this garbage isn’t actually being sold in stores. Kylie is the worst role model in every single way for little girls everywhere.”

Another said: “AND a photo of her looking very mid on the box. please make it stop.”

A fifth said: “To do a Bratz collab, mid flop, at the height of Barbie… tragic tbh.”

Several other Twitter users also pointed out that Kylie’s skin is much lighter in real life than it is in the miniatures.

The swimsuit barely clung to Kylie’s frame and left little to the imaginationSnapchat

Kylie imitated sister Kim’s crying face in the Snapchat videoSnapchat

Kylie celebrated her birthday on August 10Snapchat

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