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Savannah Guthrie flaunts teeny waist in body-hugging jeans & top as Today host models for stunning new photoshoot

Savannah Guthrie flaunts teeny waist in body-hugging jeans & top as Today host models for stunning new photoshoot

TODAY’S Savannah Guthrie has been photographed in a tight and flattering outfit.

According to Today’s Food Instagram, Savannah, 51, will be the first person on the cover of AllRecipies magazine.

Brian DobenSavannah Guthrie has made an exciting announcement about her career[/caption]

Instagram / All RecipesSavannah will become the first person to appear on the cover of Allrecipes magazine[/caption]

Only photos of food have been on the cover in the past.

The post featured a photo of the news anchor holding a plate of pancakes while smiling at the camera.

There was also a photo of the tradition-breaking cover.

The magazine’s feature will be “Start from Scratch with Savannah Guthrie,” which sounds like a beginner’s guide to cooking.

On the cover, she wore a tight-fitting orange floral top with long sleeves and a collar.

The daytime TV host was also sporting the perfect pair of blue jeans that hugged her hips.

The post read: “She may be a ‘beginner’ in the kitchen, but she’s now a professional food magazine cover star.”


Fans in the comment section were quick to explain why they won’t be purchasing the magazine.

One said: “Why choose such a controversial person to represent your brand? Shocking to me how companies are still tempting fate like this.”

Another said: “She should never be featured in a cooking magazine. Sorry, will not buy this. She’s a hard no for me!”

A third said: “Why? Exactly. She is the worst host and I remember watching earlier this week and she asked the dumbest question during a cookout episode. Clearly has never been in the kitchen…”

Someone else said: “Canceled my subscription and stopped following!”


Savannah and Carson Daly, 50, have mocked Sam Brock about his mesh outfit during a wildlife segment.

During the show’s Today in the Wild segment, the hosts called on Sam from Key Largo, Florida, to talk about endangered American crocodiles and efforts to save them.

Near the end of the segment, Sam appeared in a mesh hoodie worn over his collared shirt.

Once Sam threw it back to the anchors, Savannah couldn’t resist getting a quick barb in.

“Maybe the mom was afraid of that mesh outfit you’re wearing,” she quipped.

“I hope not,” Sam joked.

Madonna wore that in the ‘Borderline’ video,” Carson added.

“It’s true,” he insisted.

“I know, I knew I recognized that,” Savannah replied.

The hosts and Sam had a good laugh at the joke at his expense.

Brian DobenOn the cover, Savannah is wearing a tight orange and blue outfit[/caption]

Brian DobenViewers on social media didn’t understand why the magazine chose Savannah[/caption]

NBCSavannah and her co-anchor Carson recently mocked a journalist while on air[/caption]

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