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Kim Kardashian critics crack up over star and Kris Jenner getting ‘shaded’ with ‘major side-eye’ in ‘staged’ scene

Kim Kardashian critics crack up over star and Kris Jenner getting ‘shaded’ with ‘major side-eye’ in ‘staged’ scene

KARDASHIAN critics have had a laugh at Kim and Kris’ acting skills in what viewers claims was a ‘totally staged’ scene.

The famous family allowed Hulu’s cameras to roll as they recorded a Christmas album, enlisting the help of a very famous friend.

HuluKim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have been mocked over their ‘acting’ in a season three episode of The Kardashians[/caption]

HuluDuring the episode, the pair placed calls to Babyface that viewers saw as ‘staged’[/caption]

On Reddit, fans ripped into the Kardashians – namely Kim, 42, and Kris, 67 – after watching Season three, episode eight of the family’s Hulu reality show.

During the episode, Kim snuck off during a vocal lesson to call Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, asking for some advice and assistance in polishing the vocals on the album.

She came back into the room to find Kris, 67, standing at the piano with Khloe Kardashian and a vocal teacher.

The Kardashian momager was – coincidentally – on the phone with Babyface, showing Kim the caller ID.

The Skims mogul acted surprised and withheld the fact that she’d also reached out to the legendary musician.

Viewers weren’t buying the interaction as authentic though.

On Reddit, one user critiqued: “Kris & Kim’s phone calls to BabyFace were totally staged lmfaoooo.”

The same user continued, writing: “Even the piano lady was giving major side-eye to these people’s acting skills lmao.”

Another commenter wrote: “Looking back, there was literally no point to that scene lol.”

A third critic commented: “Every single scene is staged. Nothing happens organically on this show anymore. It was always staged to a degree, but we used to get some real moments too. Now every single reaction and response is calculated and every conversation is agreed upon beforehand. It’s so boring.”


In mid-July when the episode first aired, Kim made waves for another comment that she made during the same singing lesson.

The fashion mogul made a shocking reveal about getting plastic surgery.

Fans have long speculated that Kim has secretly had work done but she hasn’t been particularly open about it.

Standing around the piano with the family, the vocal coach shared a few tips, saying at one point: “I’m just talking on pitch. I’m not using my neck muscles. We have 425 muscles in the neck.”

Kim joked “Half of mine are probably Botoxed.”

Prior to the comment, the mom of four hadn’t confessed to getting any plastic surgery.


Commenters have had a lot to say about Kim’s appearance as of late.

Earlier this month, she shared promotional pics and videos linked to her partnership with Alani Nutrition.

In one set of promo, Kim rocked a bright yellow catsuit while riding on a bike.

She looked over her shoulder, smiling slightly.

A grab from the ad was posted on social media, where critics shared their thoughts.

Several commenters noted changes in her appearance, suggesting that she looked a lot like Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak.

In a thread titled, “Why is this picture so funny to me???” haters shared an array of reactions to the snap.

One commenter compared Kim to the former Bravo celebrity, writing: “She looks like Kim Zolciak.”

Someone else seemed to agree, replying: “Holy f**k, she does. I need someone to photoshop her hair blonde.”

Other critics simply shared their thoughts on her looks in general, with one writing that she “looks ridiculous,” and another zooming in on her nose and asking: “Am I tripping or is this shadow on the nose not normal at all?”

Someone else responded to the latter comment, writing: “They all love that nose flare look and I have to ask…Whyyyyyy do you want and pay for a permanent stink face!?”

HuluThe Kardashians recorded as they worked on a Christmas album[/caption]

HuluThey enlisted the help of a vocal coach to get them ready to sing[/caption]

HuluDuring the lesson Kim confessed to getting Botox[/caption]

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