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Kim Kardashian called out for her ‘weird’ treatment of son Saint, 7, in new pics as critics ‘cringe’ over her parenting

Kim Kardashian called out for her ‘weird’ treatment of son Saint, 7, in new pics as critics ‘cringe’ over her parenting

KIM Kardashian has been slammed by critics for sharing thirst traps alongside family photos with her son Saint West.

The Hulu star has been traveling the world to attend professional soccer games with her seven-year-old.

Instagram/Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is facing backlash for sharing sexy snaps alongside family photos[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianThe Hulu star posed for photos with her son Saint and shared thirst traps in the same carousel[/caption]

Kim, 42, recently shared a carousel of snaps from a trip to Japan for a Paris Saint-Germain vs Al-Nassr FC game.

Photos showed her and her son Saint posing alongside a friend and her son.

She also shared pictures from the game that showed Saint pulling funny faces as they sat in the stands and pics of Kim and Saint posing with celebrities and soccer stars.

Mixed in with those pictures were a few sexy snaps of the Kardashians star, which some critics seemed to think were inappropriate.

In one such photo, Kim posed with her back to the camera in a white tank top and silver metallic pants.

She appeared to be looking over one shoulder with her long hair in a ponytail and her famous booty on full display.

On Reddit, critics laid into the mom of three for sharing the photos alongside pics with her son.


One critic commented: “The random pic of her is so funny like girl post that separate.”

Someone else replied: “Yeah seriously. Not the time or place.”

Another hater wrote: “I always think it’s weird when people post thirst traps alongside pictures of their kids lmao like make a separate post??”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “This! Can you imagine flipping through a family album and every page has your mom posing like she’s trying to advertise her services?!”


The photo had critics buzzing for other reasons as well.

Several commenters noticed an odd detail about Kim’s face.

One commenter shared the photos on Reddit, opening the thread with the question: “Who Tf is This?”

In response, one person noted: “The gap between her lips is insane!!! its also off center with her nose I cant stop staring at it…”

A second wrote: “She needs to dissolve some of the filler in her lips so she can close her mouth properly. They look sooo bad and been this way for months, how has she not noticed how weird it looks?!”

“Kim has this deep-rooted fear that she is no longer desirable so she is changing her features with surgery until she gets the attention she seeks,” theorized another.

A fourth social media user claimed: “If you look at the side of her face (especially that bald spot above her ear and the wrinkles on her neck) in the second picture you can really tell how lifted her face is.”

In 2022, Kim revealed that she still got Botox despite vowing never to get it again.

She has not admitted to any other plastic surgery procedures but fans seem to think she’s secretly had more work done.


Eagle-eyed Kardashian critics have taken note of some telling details in recent photos that suggest Kim’s gone under the knife.

Kim recently shared a selfie that showed her pulling a duck-lip face while making a peace sign with her fingers.

She was wearing a pink pajama set or bathrobe in the photo.

Fans on Reddit couldn’t help but fixate on her face – focusing on her nose in particular.

“You can see where she used the blur tool on her nose scar at the base of her septum, lol,” one person commented.

Another agreed: “That photoshopping the scar makes it look worse. Kinda looks like snot running out of her nose.

“Would have been better to just leave the scar in there.”

Others commented on her repeated pose.

“Her lips got way bigger, lol,” one person suggested.

Another slammed: “Kim you’re in your 40s, enough of these little girl peace sign duck lips photos.”

While one sarcastically said: “Oh look, duck face and peace sign. What a shock.”

Instagram/kimkardashianCritics claimed it was ‘inappropriate’ of the star to share the pics together[/caption]

InstagramKim has been traveling the world to attend soccer events with Saint West[/caption]

Instagram/Kim Kardashian/alaninutritionKim has had fans buzzing about her appearance as of late[/caption]

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