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RHOC star Taylor Armstrong’s daughter Kennedy, 16, looks unrecognizable and just like mom in very rare show sighting

RHOC star Taylor Armstrong’s daughter Kennedy, 16, looks unrecognizable and just like mom in very rare show sighting

RHOC star Taylor Armstrong’s daughter Kennedy has shown up in a recent episode looking unrecognizable in a rare sighting.

Kennedy joined Taylor and friends for some snacks of corn dogs, fries, shaved ice, and other theme park food.

RHOC star Taylor Armstrong’s daughter showed up in an episode of the show in a rare sightingBravo

She looked totally unrecognizable since her appearance during her fourth birthday party and was her mom’s twinBravo

Young Kennedy was the center of attention at just four years old when she appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

At the time, Taylor threw her daughter a massive $50,000 Mad Hatter-themed tea party and birthday celebration.

Since then, Taylor has switched over to The Real Housewives of Orange County as of Season 17 in June.

With Taylor’s switch as part of the show’s most recent episodes, we can see that the tot has now grown into a teenager.

The family lives in Newport Beach as Taylor is now the wife of John Bluher.

Kennedy looked unrecognizable in the episode since she was seen last, and is now 16 years old.

She made an appearance on a recent episode of RHOC as she joined her family for a quick lunch.

In the segment, Kennedy was seen enjoying some shaved ice with Sophie Beador, Shannon Beador’s daughter.

Taylor took a moment to look back on her daughter’s childhood and growing up.

At the time the episode was filmed, Kennedy was a junior in high school.

“Shannon is 16, which I cannot believe,” she said as footage ran of Kennedy’s huge birthday party.

“She’s a regular teenager, I mean, good days, bad days, mad at me, happy with me, I never know what I’m gonna get when I wake up wih Kennedy, and she probably doesn’t know with me, either,” Taylor joked.

Shannon eventually arrived and the group finished up their snacks.


Meanwhile, Taylor invited RHOC star Heather, 54, to her home for a quick acting lesson.

Taylor had an upcoming acting role that she wanted to prepare for, and Heather has a history in the industry.

Acting coach, Lauren Lim Jackson, was invited to be the leader of the acting lesson.

In the episode, Taylor read through the scene with Heather, and Lauren had some notes.

She suggested that, since Taylor is playing the role of a reporter, she should have a more grounded voice.

To do this, the coach said Taylor should breathe from her “hoo-ha” instead of taking normal breaths.

Heather added, “All of these little things, it warms up all different parts of your lips, your tongue.”

Then, Lauren said something unexpected, “They say that blowjobs help you open up your throat.”

In a confessional, Heather said that Lauren was the “professional,” but added that that specific acting tip shouldn’t be given to their husbands.

Taylor appeared to take very detailed notes after being given the acting tip.

The RHOBH alum then added, “I’m not good at that in general.”


Fans of The Real Housewives on Twitter have gotten bad vibes from the whole NSFW scene.

One tweeted, “This Heather/Taylor acting thing, plus just the two of them together is all kinds of ick.”

Someone else wrote, “Taylor inviting Heather to go over this script is silly. Heather is not an actress. Just invite her over or set a lunch date if you’re interested in being friends. This scene is very cringy.”

“Ugh. This scene with Taylor and Heather is SO boring. Snooze,” added a third.

Another said, “Taylor saying she does not give good blowies seems like false advertisement.”


RHOC star Tamra Judge has returned to the Bravo series, breaking down in tears in the premiere amid a fight with Shannon Beador.

The one-time best friends and RHOC co-stars had a very public falling out during which Tamra repeatedly blasted Shannon on podcasts.

The pair addressed the drama between them early on in the episode, with Shannon, 59, claiming that Tamra, 55, cut her off unexpectedly.

The reality star claimed that they had been locked in a game of phone tag when suddenly, Tamra began speaking ill of her publicly.

She said in a confessional: “Tamra and I have a long history of really going deep with each other. I mean I witnessed Tamra getting baptized … To all of a sudden have that cut off was devastating.”

Tamra, meanwhile, defended herself and her online comments, saying in a confessional: “I told the truth.”

Both ladies appeared to change their tune in a flash during their first meeting at new Bravo co-star Jennifer Pedranti’s outdoor yoga retreat.

When they finally had a chance to talk, Tamra opened the floor, saying, “I hope you’re OK, and which time Shannon replied: “I am OK. I hope you are too.”

While the former Cut Fitness owner assured her, “I am OK,” her eyes began welling up with tears.

“Don’t tear up,” Shannon urged her.

Tamra revealed, “There’s a lot going on. I miss my best friend. Bronx died. And then we closed out gym.”

Shannon was stunned by the confession, saying: “What? C’mon, Are you serious?”

Kennedy was all over the media after Taylor threw her a fancy $50,000 birthday tea partyBravo

The event was in celebration of her fourth birthday and was Mad Hatter-themedBravo

Kennedy is now 16 and a junior in high school, the episode revealedBravo

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