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The View fans furious after major show change causes hosts to skip important story involving A-list star

The View fans furious after major show change causes hosts to skip important story involving A-list star

THE View fans have been left furious after the show ended up airing a pre-recorded episode leaving out an important celebrity death.

Legendary musician Tony Bennett passed away at 96 on Friday, and The View did not mention it during the show.

The View fans were upset that Friday’s show did not feature Tony Bennett after his passingABC

The episode on Friday was actually a pretaped one so it did not feature the newsGetty Images

Early on when the episode began, there was a brief message that appeared onscreen that read “Previously Recorded.”

This frustrated fans who had tuned in expecting a tribute to Tony.

“Today’s show was PRERECORDED so they will salute #TonyBennett on Monday when the show returns LIVE. Comic @LoniLove tweeted to check on @ladygaga who is filming a movie out of the country. #TheView #We_TheCrew,” one wrote.

Another wrote “R.I.H. Tony Bennett. (His cause of death isn’t known yet) Of course they’ll probably or obviously mention his passing Monday cuz the Friday shows are usually taped. #theview”

One fan complained “Another pre-taped Friday. Poor overworked have to be off every Friday during the summer. What a job?”

Another asked “Is every Friday episode going to be pre-recorded?”

One wondered “They are about to take the rest of the summer off. Why do they tape every Friday for the last 2 months?”

It’s likely the tribute to Tony will, as fans surmised, come on Monday.


Meanwhile, Whoopi interrupted one of her View co-hosts on live TV.

The moderator was in the middle of a sentence when she asked “did your phone really just ring?”

On Wednesday’s show, Whoopi started off the episode of The View by introducing the first Hot Topic.

“So, yesterday, Ron DeSantis sat with Jake Tapper for his first big interview as a Presidential candidate, but it was seemingly overshadowed-,” she said.

Whoopi then stopped and looked at Joy Behar and asked: “Did your phone really just ring?”

Joy waved her hand back and forth and said: “No, no.”

“Ok,” Whoopi shrugged.

Joy had a serious look on her face as she replied: “It did not. Ignore it.”

“Ok. Well, it’s hard to. It’s hard,” Whoopi said.

“Kind of like how I was just overshadowed by her phone, Ron DeSantis was overshadowed by you know who’s latest potential indictment.”

Joy could be heard laughing about the incident in the background, as Whoopi played the clip.


Earlier this week, Whoopi abruptly asked the show’s producer what he did to her hair after returning from the show’s commercial break.

When The View came back from commercial break early on during Monday’s episode, Whoopi had something to say before getting back into things.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute,” she said as the break ended.

“Before we get to The Golden Bachelor, what did you do to my hair, Paul?” she asked the show’s producer.

The camera cut to Paul, who explained she had a stray strand of hair that was showing up on camera, so they fixed it for Whoopi.

“Ah,” she said.

“I’m concerned now because I know if I turn one way, there’s gonna be something peeking out, going ‘hi!’”

Paul assured her everything was fine.

“Alright,” Whoopi said before launching into a show segment about The Golden Bachelor.


On the same show as the phone call, Whoopi ripped up her cards.

She said “It’s gone!” as she tried to find the right card to say her next point.

On Wednesday’s show, the View panel welcomed Real Housewives of New York City star Jenna Lyons to the show.

She talked about coming out in Hollywood, as well as her collaboration with J. Crew.

At the end of the interview, Whoopi got turned around and couldn’t figure out what she had to say next.

Whoopi looked down at her cards and shuffled through them as she said: “I had something I was supposed to read and now it’s gone!”

Her co-host Sara Haines leaned over to help her as Whoopi asked: “Is that it?”

“Oh yes!” the moderator exclaimed, picking up the card.

“That’s the outro! Yes!” she practically jumped in her seat.

“Thanks to Jenna Lyons. The Real Housewives of New York city airs Sunday nights on Bravo and streams the next day on Peacock, so watch it.”

“It’s really good,” Whoopi said as she ripped up her card.

The show then cut to commercial.

Tony Bennett’s passing would likely have been on the show if it had been liveGetty Images

Fans surmised that when the live version of the show is back on Monday, it will include Tony’s deathGetty Images

Viewers took to social media to air their frustrationsNeil Lupin/Redferns

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