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Kim Kardashian works on new song with Babyface but critics slam star for trying to ‘one-up’ her sisters

Kim Kardashian works on new song with Babyface but critics slam star for trying to ‘one-up’ her sisters

KIM Kardashian has been slammed for trying to collaborate with Babyface while recording an album with her family.

The reality star, her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, and their mom Kris Jenner agreed to record a Christmas album in the latest episode of The Kardashians.

HuluKim Kardashian has been slammed for trying to collaborate with Babyface while recording an album with her family[/caption]

Babyface, 64, is a singer and producerRex

The group gathered around a piano for a singing lesson with a vocal instructor and did various singing exercises.

Kim, 42, snuck off to secretly call producer and singer Babyface, 64, and beg him to produce her song.

She told him on speakerphone: “So we’re recording a Christmas album.

“They’re making us do some singing lesson and I’m dying here, like so embarrassed. Mortified.”

The Skims founder went on: “It’s just not my thing. I’d rather take like three shots and then just go in there and see what we’ve got.”

Babyface sounded hesitant as he replied: “Yeah…”

Kim went on: “But how funny would it be if I just tell everyone, ‘I’m too shy, I can’t do it, I’ll figure it out…’

“And I’ll get on a song and then you produce it and I’ll sound amazing?” What song do you think I should do?”

Babyface said: “For you, I think Santa Baby.”

Kim wrapped up the call by saying: “I feel like I need your help for sure. I’ll let you know.”

She then triumphantly told the cameras: “I got Babyface, he said he’ll do my background vocals, he said he’ll produce me.

“This is going to be good!”

Later in the episode, Kim put on a breathy voice as she sang several lines from the Christmas hit, Santa Baby, in the recording studio while her family watched.


Critics slammed the mother of four for trying to “one-up” her sisters by enlisting Babyface’s help.

One raged on Reddit: “Kimzilla the narcissistic can’t help herself if her life depended on it, and had to ONE-UP everyone by calling Babyface.

“She just couldn’t enjoy the moment with her family. She gave the excuse of ‘how fun it will it be’ if she makes a song that outshines everyone else, with backup vocals and musical arrangements.

“Fun for who? Oh that’s right, for her ego. She needs to feed her ego. You can see how the mood in the room completely shifted. It went from a togetherness to a division, creating tension.”

Another added: “This is the kind of ugly energy Kim brings to the show. Imagine living with her or having to deal with her on a daily basis. She cant be humble and PART OF the team. She must separate herself, compete, and outshine everyone.”

A third posted: “She’s always trying to upstage everyone.”


Elsewhere in the episode, Kim admitted to getting Botox in her neck amid years of rumors that she’s had plastic surgery.

During their singing lesson, the vocal coach said: “I’m just talking on pitch. I’m not using my neck muscles. We have 425 muscles in the neck.”

Kim interjected: “Half of mine are probably Botoxed.”

The TV personality has faced rumors in the past that she’s had lip fillers, a nose job, and a facelift.

The Hulu star has repeatedly shut down the speculation and claimed she has only had Botox.

During an interview with Allure last year, Kim was asked if she’d had any work done.

“A little bit of Botox,” she said, pointing to the space between her eyebrows, and added that she has “chilled actually.”

She then insisted she has never had lip or cheek fillers.

The Hulu star said firmly: “No filler. Never filled either one, ever.”

After Kim denied that she had eyelash extensions, she expanded on what kind of cosmetic surgeries she has gotten.

“No. I’ve never had eyelash extensions. I’ve never done anything. I have a drop of mascara on today. I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips,” the Skkn founder said.

Hulu Kim was getting singing lessons with Kourtney, Khloe and their mom Kris Jenner[/caption]

Hulu She snuck off to secretly call Babyface and ask for his help in producing her song[/caption]

Hulu Kim sang ‘Santa Baby’ in the recording studio later in the episode[/caption]

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