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Al Roker makes change to his appearance as Today host dresses up like famous movie hero with Deborah Roberts & son Nick

Al Roker makes change to his appearance as Today host dresses up like famous movie hero with Deborah Roberts & son Nick

AL Roker has whipped up a full-on Indiana Jones impression in sweet new snaps with his son Nick, 20, and wife Deborah Roberts, 66, following suit.

The Today host and his family celebrated the new Indy film release by channeling their inner action star on their boat.

Instagram/debrobertsabcAl Roker went full Indiana Jones in the new photos[/caption]

Instagram/debrobertsabcHis son Nick even accessorized with a whip as everyone was on board with the concept[/caption]

On Sunday, Al, 68, donned a sharp leather jacket and fedora in upstate New York.

He drove the boat in one snap while accessorizing with shades and a no-nonsense expression.

But he certainly wasn’t alone.

Al’s son matched with his dad and was all smiles near the bow in another snap.

And Deborah donned the famed fedora and an Indy look as well.

The gang even mocked up a poster that read Indiana Jones and the lake crusade that hung off of the vessel- and Nick donned a whip.

Deborah, 66, captioned the batch of Instagram photos: “Weekend moments. It’s the 48th annual Queechy Lake boat parade.

And since @alroker is a die-hard Indiana Jones fan, we had to indulge. And fortunately, no bad guys turned up on the route.”


Fans loved the movie moment and one person commented on Al’s son: “He is looking like a young Mr. Roker.”

“They totally look the part! Have fun,” wrote another.

“Ok, this just made me smile so much! Al and Nick are so fun!” wrote a third.

“I love this!!!!!” Meghan McCain wrote.

Al shares his son and 24-year-old daughter Leila with Deborah.

He shares his oldest daughter Courtney, 36, with his ex-wife Alice Bell.

The fifth and final installment of the Indiana Jones franchise opened with $60 million domestically, grossing $130 worldwide, some 40 years after Harrison Ford went on his first crusade.


Earlier this week, Al was corrected by Today fans when he made a mistake.

The TV star posted a photo of a plate of cannoli to his Instagram on Thursday.

Al enjoyed some lunch that day at the famed New York City restaurant Arthur & Sons.

The photo featured six cannoli sitting on a plate, with powdered sugar on top of them.

And Arthur & Sons napkins sat under them.

Al captioned the post: “Did someone once say, ‘take the gun leave the cannoli?’ They must have eaten at @arthurandsons.”

The TV personality was trying to make a reference to the movie, The Godfather.

The line was ad-libbed by Richard Castellano after a murder in the film.

However, he failed epically by messing up the quote, and his followers let him know that.


“It was ‘leave the gun, take the cannoli!’” wrote one person.

“I believe it was Clemenza saying, ‘Leave the gun, TAKE the cannoli’,” said another.

A third corrected: “No ‘Leave the gun! Take the cannolis!’”

Today fans loved seeing Al with his wife and son all in Indiana Jones costumesInstagram/debrobertsabc

GettyLast week the Today host who’s healed from knee surgery captioned an Instagram snap- ‘take the gun leave the cannoli’ botching the famed Godfather line[/caption]

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