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Kim Kardashian divulges that mom Kris Jenner, 67, drank vodka ‘every day’ as a way to cope with raising six children

Kim Kardashian divulges that mom Kris Jenner, 67, drank vodka ‘every day’ as a way to cope with raising six children

KIM Kardashian has opened up about parenting and admitted her own mom’s trick for handling a large household.

The Hulu star admitted that her mother, Kris Jenner, 67, turned to daily vodka as she raised six children.

HULUKim Kardashian opened up about her mom in a new interview, and admitted that she had ‘so much respect’ for parents after having her own children[/caption]

HuluThe star said that she ‘couldn’t believe’ what Kris experienced as the mother of six, and asked how she coped with her large family[/caption]

Kris is the mother of six kids shared with Robert Kardashian Sr., and Caitlyn Jenner: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall, and Kylie.

During an interview with Vogue Italia, 42-year-old Kim spoke about her own four children, shared with ex-husband Kanye West, 46.

The reality TV personality shared: “There’s a lot in a household with four, four different personalities.

“I feel so lucky and blessed to have help, but no matter how much help you have, your babies want their mommy, you have to be the one to solve every problem and act like you have it all together.”

The Skims founder admitted: “I have so much respect for parents and now I can’t believe what my mom went through.”

Kim then spoke about Kardashian-Jenner matriarch Kris, and said: “I constantly ask her: ‘How did you do it? Six kids, six big personalities. We’re all so different, how did you really handle it?’”

In response, she claimed that Kris quipped: “‘Why do you think I had my vodka at 5:00 o’clock every day?’”


Alongside her daily vodka, Kris was also shown having a daily cigarette while on the family’s long-running show.

In an early episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris poured herself a glass of wine after a long day.

“Wine first, then cig,” Kendall teased her mom.

Kris became instantly defensive and shouted: “You guys are making me sound like I have a problem!”

Kourtney replied: “Right…because you do.”

Kris then challenged: “You guys don’t think I could stop smoking for a week?”

As if in unison, the three daughters all said a flat: “No.”

The girls then plotted a prank to play on their mom, and filled up pitchers and carafes with water as they waited upstairs as Kris stepped outside for a smoke.

They cautiously opened a sliding door, then stood on a balcony and proceeded to dump all the water on their mom, extinguishing the cigarette and drenching her in the process.


Kim also chatted about social media, and her children North, 10; Saint, seven; Chicago, five; and Psalm, four.

She explained: “On social media I’ll always post the sassy photo or the cutest shot, but I’ll definitely make sure to include one where my kids might not be getting along that well because I think it’s really important to understand that too.”

Kim spoke about her oldest daughter North’s use of social media, after angering Kanye by allowing their child on TikTok and being criticized by fans for “exploiting” her children.

She said: “In a perfect world would they be on social media? No, but my eldest daughter is light and playful about it. She just genuinely loves to do videos with me. As things come up we’ll have those conversations. 

Kim asserted: “North does not have social media on her phone yet, she also has weeks without being on her phone and is not a dependent person on her phone. If she was, I would be a little bit more concerned.”

Instagram/Kris JennerKris seemed to thank vodka for her ability to ‘handle’ six children, saying that she had vodka every evening[/caption]

Instagram/Kris JennerAlongside her vodka habit, Kris also seemed to enjoy a daily cigarette during her kids’ childhood, with her daughters going to great lengths to try to get her to quit[/caption]

Instagram / Kris JennerKim also opened up about her own children, and touched on the controversial topic of her eldest child North’s social media use[/caption]

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