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Kim Kardashian’s critics double take at ‘jarring’ unedited video from family event and think she’d ‘die’ if she saw it

Kim Kardashian’s critics double take at ‘jarring’ unedited video from family event and think she’d ‘die’ if she saw it

KARDASHIAN critics have expressed their shock at Kim’s real appearance in a new video.

Kim Kardashian was captured in a candid clip taken by her sister Kourtney‘s stepdaughter, Atiana De La Hoya, 24.

Getty Images – GettyKim Kardashian – known for her usual glam appearance – appeared in a new video looking drastically different[/caption]

Instagram/atianadelahoyaKim attended her sister Kourtney’s baby shower, and was filmed in an unedited social media clip as she sat in the crowd at the event[/caption]

In the video, Atiana – for whom Kourtney’s husband Travis Barker acts as a father figure – captured Kourtney and Travis’ gender reveal.

The young woman filmed the stage where the couple sat at a drum set, while 42-year-old Kim sat in front of her in the audience.

Kim sat with her four-year-old son Psalm on her lap, and turned around to film the sky as blue confetti and streamers flew around the announce the arrival of a new Kardashian baby boy.

The Hulu star wore a white distressed T-shirt, tied at the back to emphasize her slimmed-down waist.

Kim styled her hair in a wet-look effect, with the dark waves tucked behind her ears and falling down her back.

However, fans noticed how different the Skims founder looked without filters, edits, or her usual glam makeup.


One Kardashian-Jenner fan shared screenshots of the clip on Reddit, where many others pitched in with their thoughts.

The original poster snarkily captioned the post: “[Kim] sporting her new handsome Squidward jaw at the gender reveal.”

One person couldn’t believe that the photos were real, and wrote: “She would die if she saw this, did somebody else take it and edit it or is this a screenshot from a video?

“…If this was on somebody’s social media she would go titties at them to remove it.”

A second commenter added: “Whoa I’ve never seen her look this bad… it’s jarring…”

“She looks so weird,” said another shocked fan.

A final social media user stated: “She looks so different unless she is photographed from very specific angles.”


In April, Kim showed off her unedited face as she posed for a photo at a prison reform event held at Los Angeles County’s California State Prison, and more recently concerned fans after she was captured relaxing while makeup-free in The Kardashians.

The reality TV star was also photographed without edits at this year’s Met Gala, and fans were shocked by what they saw.

One image of Kim at the event was shared on Reddit with the simple caption: “Nightmare fueled.”

“I’m starting to realize there isn’t much you can do to combat aging lol she has all the money in the world and she still looks her age,” one person claimed.

Another wrote: “I like seeing their real skin texture. Filters and stuff has really ruined what I think my skin is supposed to look like.”

Someone else added: “Kim had such gorgeous natural features, I really do wish she had let herself experience a more graceful ‘aging process. She’s so fluffy with fillers!”

Mother-of-four Kim has been accused of going overboard with fillers and surgery by fans, who lamented the loss of her natural beauty.

Instagram/atianadelahoyaFans were stunned by Kim’s ‘bad’ appearance, with one critic theorizing that she’d demand the video be removed if she saw it[/caption]

HuluIn last week’s episode of The Kardashians, fans worried that Kim was ‘unwell’ after she went makeup-free in another rare unedited appearance[/caption]

GettyKim is usually seen with full makeup and high-fashion outfits, but critics have become concerned that her rumored surgeries have altered her natural beauty[/caption]

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